Monday, April 02, 2018

The Kitchen House

 Two characters, Lavinia and Belle telling a story from two different/similar worlds. You already know one character was going to be perceived as not knowing what real suffering is. This story doesn't belong more to one than the other. Lavinia had to move to America at a young age from one country to another. In that case she would rely on her parents.

Why does the captain keep Belle's identity secret? Because it would not look right for white men to have any relations with black women who were slaves. To think that a slave is a relation is not natural. Keeping this secret is tragic for when the son, Marshall is older and takes over the house he goes and hurts Belle plus eventually wants to kill her.

The idea that Lavinia took to collecting bird nest like Meg was a symbolism I did not know. I had to look it up . The signifiance makes sense. Birds migrate and Lavinia was always moving too. From the boat to Tall Oaks and than trying save her daughter Elly. Than moving toward a goal for herself. To make a better life for her family.

Was it better for Lavinia to be taken from boat to be used as a indentured servant ? Probably since her family was gone and what was she going to do? That period of time all was fair, both black and white were taken as some kind of worker.

Marshall was a very complicated character. Sometimes he was kind. Other times a monster. I feel the  that this secret that he kept was something bad that happened to him by the tutor. And he took all that aggression out on people that he didn't mean to, like his sister Sally. So when he took possession of his father's land he played much the slave master. A very black and white thing. No gray area.

I think the reason that Lavinia took to Miss Martha was because maybe she reminded her of her real mother. Even though as a servant she was taken care of by the slaves especially Mama and Belle, there was that motherly bond that both needed each other. There was more room for care than just who she shared quarters with.

Lavinia was responsive to suggestion. I think that helped her and hurt her also. Being young was confusing to know how to use that. Example of the engagement to both Marshall and Mr. Madden's friend.

The relationship between Ben, Lucy, and Belle was weird but I have nothing to remark on that. It takes a village, it takes a friendship.

For Lavinia to think she was enslaved like the rest, for her eyes yes it is fair. But for what the slaves been through was far worse. Her position was the same but she was treated not has harshly. The freedom that she had was her being a indentured servant vs slave that was taken by force and not given opportunity to be free.

Although that this is true I look at it differently. I see a Irish girl, yes she was an indentured servant . But I also see that because she had symphony for the others she was treated no different. Also I see the Irish themselves in Ireland were pulled by force and sold to the highest bidder. Not necessarily to America. Which makes them hurt and degraded as the slaves.

I feel that the author could of delved into Lavinia's family a bit more. Sure she lost mother, father, and her brother but I feel at the end of the tradegy it could be that she would look for more family in Ireland.
I feel most stories end up with some part of it being all tied up with a bow,happy. But isn't there more sad things going on of lately that a good thing is nice to see?
The author I believe was writing the point of the relationships between people. Don't need DNA to feel others your close to is your family. I think she proved that time after time of Lavinia saying that Mama is her family.

I really don't feel much about this book. I look forward to reading the next about Jamie Pyke

I give The Kitchen House  4 

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Thursday, February 22, 2018


I was looking for a laugh out loud book. I haven't read anything from this author before so I thought I would give it a shot. For the most part it was funny. But I gotta say it had it's moments that I would say to myself "Really"?
I get it, Jane is a single woman going to guy to guy wanting that Prince Charming. But the way she goes about it Wow! Same ole, same ole. And when someone is the right fit Jane still won't give him a try. It's written that she is mean to Greg. Toward the end Jane has this revelation and decides she is better than what she sees of herself. She can do better work at her job. But come on enough with the mom issues and the way she talks to her mom. She sure made me feel that Jane thought her mom was stupid. 
I'm an animal person too. She loved her goldfish, that came out loud and clear. Surprise that Jane liked her soon to be sister in law and children.

I paint such a bad picture of Jane. But at the end her friends when they came together for her when she lost her pet I could tell her character was changing. She was becoming softer and more confident and put together.She actually was taking an interest in her neighbor Greta. Found out she was no different than Greta. It was a good story. Funny, relatable but a bit disconnected at times. But worth the read I think.

Anyway I had such a hard time getting through the last two chapters. Not because it was hard. But because Oh my God the chapter before the last was such a looong chapter. Too much to say about one thing. Very boring. The author said it herself this is the first time writing a novel. And my last time reading her material. There were so many errors in grammar that it leads me to believe no one proofed this book. I guess that's why it's self published.

I give Happy(ish)   4 
Just because of the grammar errors and it being disconnected at times. 

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Crooked House

I wanted to read this novel before I seen the movie. I thought the story was different from the other stories that Agatha Christie has written. Maybe this is why it was her favorite. I can't put my finger on it but I don't know what to say about it. So I looked at other reviews to see what others had to say.

What I find it's not the plot so much that was interesting, but the characters. The main character Charlie Hayward I must say he was a very boring character as was his fiancée Sophie. I liked Madga and Aunt Edith the best.

The title of the book Crooked House is a great title. Fits the characters. In some way or another the characters were odd,"crooked". So a crooked house was built by the original crooked little man and without him the crooked little house had lost its meaning. Even the child Josephine was born with a kink the crooked child of the crooked house.
I don't know what to make of the ending. I understood it but to me the story was leading a good path than reared off and was over. Can't say I was surprised whodunit.

I give Crooked House 4 
Not because I didn't like the story. It just wasn't a favorite. I will be looking forward to reading more Agatha Christie books.

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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Twas the Bite Before Christmas

Pretty good book. I haven't read a Christmas mystery in a long time. I liked the characters. Even the ones that were meant to be bad.
It was a little confusing in the beginning of where the story has been set. There are times that you just need to look twice. Many towns are named the same as other places. Jack, Jamie, Hooch and Frankie are cool. Even though Jack portrays that he's not really into Christmas, he really is. Jamie and the dogs make him happy.

I would like to read the 1st of the series to see how it all started. And I see there is another Christmas book hmm...

I give Twas the Bite Before Christmas 4 

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

I'm Still Here

I like how the author makes a point in her story with some light- heartedness but still packs a punch. She draws this book as a mental illness story. The sad fact is that not everyone looks and acts the same with mental illness. If we become aware and see signs we maybe able to help someone.

I hated the way Esther was treated because her sister was no longer around. Her family decided it was easier to run her out of their lives than deal with the fact of whatever happen it wasn't anyone's fault. A form of mental abuse. And let's not forget how vile her parents were because of what? Long time use of drugs on them :(  Didn't matter how many Ho Ho's that Esther ate. She hurt. 

It took a accident of falling and hitting Esther's head for some to pay attention. It wasn't just a normal life that the whole family was leading. She remembered the fowl stuff her family did, and didn't remember the good things that were happening. There she felt not worthy. Only than she could use what she called "Ez Pass Brain," thoughts come into her brain and speed through her mouth without slowing down. That way people knew what she thought.

No wonder Esther felt she was not worthy. And took such a long time to believe that Kingston loved her for who she was. In fact all her friends including co workers and boss loved her for who she is.
I was glad to know one of her family, Aster would want a relationship with her.

I'm glad things worked out well for her. I was rooting for her. I sped through this book. A bit slow at first, than hard to put down.

I give I'm Still Here 5 

I look forward to read another story of Kathryn Biel's. As long it's not a series.

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