Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Dear Wife


I've been reading mysteries for as long as I can remember.  And it's been a while that I read a mystery that when I took a pause I couldn't wait to get back to it. Dear Wife was this book.

As I started to read I soon found this was a story of abuse. Where it took me was a surprise. One women, though I thought. Sabine/Emma/Beth go through to think what you will say.
You have three moods lately, offensive, enraged, or violent.
You are the cocaine they slip the dogs that patrol the cars at the border.

All along I was thinking that this woman has a plan. And this plan is tight. She knows exactly what she wants to do.

While this was going on we see a husband that doesn't know what happened to his wife. A detective, Marcus comes on the scene and gets answers. We find out that the wife has a boyfriend and a baby on the way.
What I find interesting that as we go through Beth's plan she talks in her head, I hear nothing about her boyfriend or the baby.

She goes from state to state and lands in Atlanta Georgia. My husband and I went there on vacation. My daughter and I would call it Hot-lanta. But not because of the heat ;) And she booked us a stay @ the Westin. Love the round restaurant.

One thing I read that stuck with me is what Beth said. For a city of six million souls, Atlanta has an astonishing lack of beds for abused or homeless women. Now that is sad. If true or not there is too much of this in real time.

So we see what the husband Jeffery is all about. Sad another abusive person. But I thought odd is how Marcus, the detective was handling this case. Odd how he would latch on to just one-two people. Or how he forced his way of not having doors close on him. He would put his foot in the door. Old school detective.

When Marcus found the missing woman and called her a bitch. That's when I said Whaaat?! The story came together for me. Now that I knew what was going on it still left me in a surprise. Excellent how the characters are weaved together. Although at the end I would've liked to see Beth in a different situation.

Loved the story! I give Dear Wife 5-->
Can't wait to read more of Kimberly Belle

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

November 9

Not the story I was expecting. This was not my cup of tea. To look at it, it looks like a nice romance between Ben and Fallon. But the more I read it became unbelievable. Kids of that age, age 18 usually don't have that deep of understanding for love. 
Ben and Fallon came together from a fire that happened @ Fallon's dad's house. And in Ben's life he lost a mother. And copes on his own with his brothers. They both had something tragic happen. Fallon wore her scars outside. Where Ben wore his inside.

The concept of this story was interesting. Where they were to meet same day each year. Like a Grace Kelly movie.November 9 was a date that was bad became good. Both Ben and Fallon lived their lives. Fallon to go on with her acting. Ben writing a novel. Each finding their own way and trying to get back to each other. Being on the mature side for Fallon. But there was just something that became creepy with Ben. His drive to force Fallon physically and emotionally to bend what he wanted was a bit too much. I just don't see in real time that 18 year old kids think on that deep of a level. Ben tried to keep her from her friends. Even though he didn't say so much about Fallon's father. There was lost time with those two.

Toward the end a twist. Interesting. Now how would Ben know about the fire Fallon was in? If what Fallon's mother read about from Ben's novel, why would she be so emotional about it? And why did Fallon's father visit Ben's mother's grave?

The positive I find is that Ben and Fallon did lean on each other. They did in their way help. Fallon did have some relationship with her dad. And Ben now needs to be able to be the person that his nephew can look up too.

I give November 9 


Just not for me. Reminds me of a mixed up YA book. I hear good things from her other book. Maybe I'll try that.


Friday, February 12, 2021



I like the Virgil Cole and Everette Hitch books. The characters are not deep. What you see is what you get.  Westerns are really for entertainment. Not much to think about, a lot of cliches. The chapters are many. But short, makes me want to read on and a bit of faster pace.

Brimstone is #3 in the series next to last book Robert B Parker wrote. I was saddened to hear that he passed. I will give the writer that has taken over the series a chance.

You have Virgil Cole who goes from town to town. And making wrong a right in Cole and Hitch's style.  In this case he is looking for his love? Allie. This story deals with religion maybe not really religion as to who thinks their God.

You have your bad and badder Pike and Percival. Who will win? Maybe not anyone. Except the person who took the a lot off of them, Laurel.

Anyway you have at the end Cole, Hitch, Allie, and Laurel riding away back to the town they started out in, Appaloosa.
I think it might be a time to read Appaloosa. Tie it all in up to now.

I give Brimstone 5 
Can't wait to read #4

Tuesday, February 02, 2021

One Day in December

I'm not into romances. But this book I took a second look at.
 I read the first paragraph and it gave me hope .
"It's a wonder everyone who uses public transport in winter doesn't keel over and die of germ overload. In the last ten minutes I've been coughed on and sneezed at, and if the woman in front of me shakes her dandruff my way again, I might just douse her with the dregs of lukewarm coffee that I'm no longer able to drink because it's full of her scalp."

So I kept reading. Good storyline of Laurie, Jack and Sara. A bit on the cliche side. Best friends have good time. Best friends have a falling out. One friend in middle. It was on the funny side at times. Sad @ times too. In between beginning of book to the end was good. But I felt I had to keep pushing through. The end was unexpected. With a nice touch. Nice to have a happy ending.

Although as I was reading I kept picturing this book as a movie. It very well may be. 
Also I believe the setting is in the UK. Which I was surprised at first because it didn't read as one. Although you pick up the wording here and there.

All in all good story. Glad I read to end. I give One Day in December 4 


Monday, January 25, 2021

American Dirt


"One of the very first bullets come in through the open window above the toilet where Luca is standing." That sentence alone drew me in thinking that this story is a hard look of what the migrants had to endure. But as I read I wasn't too impressed.
I looked to what others had to say about this book. And some were furious of the way this author wrote this book. And she not knowing first hand of what some went through. Especially I believe her grandmother being Puerto Rican. And she did more research rather than searching her own history.
Another said the book was about the plot, the surroundings.

For me I agree it was the layout of the grounds that the migrants had to go through to get where they wanted. I believe the characters, the main characters didn't stand out to me.
Lydia, Sebastian, and Luca a family from Acapulco. Sebastian a journalist. And Lydia who owned a bookstore living their everyday life who never lived in fear. For that I didn't get that raw sense of what the author was trying to convey.

Being that book is fiction, one needs to remember. So as I read I found that other characters around Lydia and Luca were very interesting. It got pretty bad for them. The journey that was traveled. The strength that they all had. Especially Luca. He might of went into this with a child's mind but when Lydia and he got to where they wanted Luca became so mature. So sad for the others not to make it. But cheering for those who did.

American Dirt was good. I give 4