Saturday, November 17, 2007

Strange Blood

This is a book and author that is new to me. It is the second book in series. But it isn't a book that should be read after the 1st. The main character is Megan Rhys.
I like her. She is a woman that seems to know what she is doing, confident in her work. Shame the men around her life doesn't think so.

It wasn't a blood and guts book. The horror in it was what the murderer did to the victims. I actually didn't want to look for who did it.

Although I never thought who did it was the one. I actually thought the person should of been someone more creative. But I guess it wouldn't of worked out as good.

Something I forgot to add the 1st time. I noticed reading this book that the author at times would go right into a another subject where I got confused . I thought I was still reading one thing but I wasn't. It was a little hard to follow. But it just happened a few times though.

I intend to read the 1st book called Frozen. I do have a soft spot for the characters, Megan and others around her.

This book is on it's way now to NY and is a Bookcrossing book.

I give Strange Blood 4 

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