Saturday, November 06, 2010

The Seven Songs of Merlin

The second book of Merlin in the series. Pretty good read but was disappointed that Merlin didn't grow up the way he should. He knew he had something special about him and he had a responsibility to do. Sad to read that he fell short for that. New characters were introduced as well as the old. Emery's,(Merlin) mother was a big part of this book. Learning these seven songs were needed because of her. Seven Songs not literally, but what it means inside a song

At the end we find a wizard's staff that has the symbols blazed on it of all that was learnt of the songs. Merlin, I believe had a grown up moment, of it wasn't what he could do himself. Is what he could do for the Fincayarns. The people that he will protect in years to come.

I gave The Seven Songs of Merlin 4 

Just because I thought Merlin would have not played his little boy games with little boy tantrums.I still liked the story though.

Amazon says Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought the rest of the series.

Next read is The Fires of Merlin

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