Wednesday, February 05, 2014

To The Nines

I was very much pleased with To The Nines. I was starting to think someone has lost their edge. Finally the series gets back to being funny. Stephanie has her quirkiness back. The sex/love tension between Morelli and Ranger always a nice item to read. Oh to have the problems that Step has with those two. LOL! Not much on Grandma Mazur or Stephanie's family. Thought it would be fun to read about Lula and Stephanie, but I was wrong.

The Lula character was a bit much this time around. I get it Lula is overweight and the way she thinks is waay outside the box. But having to always hear that she needs meat was a turn off. Even at the end of story where she needs food for stressful situation. Ok I got it already. And guess you need something "funny" to close on for Lula.

Connie was an interesting character outside of work. Always a good time, especially in Vegas. Albert and Valerie was good to read also. Switch it up a bit.
Some things that I thought amusing:
A new job for Stephanie with nuts and bolts. Not! Funny stuff describing her co worker. After going undercover to find Singh, she is paired up with Jane Locarelli. Jane looked like she'd just rolled off an embalming table. Now that's a description for ya. She gets some flowers and not so nice photos at her apartment. She drops the photos and calls Joe. Someone broke into my apartment and left flowers and ph-photos. Should I call the police? Honey I am the police. "So I'm covered". "Okay just checking." You got it girlfriend, boyfriend is a cop. A Ranger moment where he puts things in perspective. Joe has no life, he is the job. Stephanie you have one. You shop for shoes,you eat Butterscotch Krimpets, have a hamster, and half owner of a dog, and 30% of a cop, also a scary family. For throughout the rest of book Stephanie thinks, really only 30%
 Finally a time where Ranger and Stephanie work good together even if Ranger pushes Stephanie in a bush while taking someone in. Even if Ranger is her bodyguard with his Merry Men. Merry Men indeed, poor guys always mistaken for something that Stephanie freaks out with.

As I was reading about the game that Clyde was playing I couldn't help but think the story line was a bit on the Saw series side. How each player needed to do something in order to complete the task and stay alive Seeing at work, how movies and writing (books) can go hand in hand.And how they can help one another. That's not saying when a book comes a movie.

I guess it's on to the next one I go. I give To The Nines 4------------->
Just because of the repetitiveness with Lula's eating meat.

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