Sunday, December 16, 2012

An Irish Christmas

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A nice little Christmas story. What an adventure to go to another country for Christmas. Although Colleen had a reason to go to Ireland I do commend her on trying to break the news to her son Jamie about his biological father.
I did think Jamie was annoying. The way at times that he treated his mother wasn't right. Both of them had to grieve. Sadly I guess each didn't know how to do that to help each other. Different things that Colleen went through with Jamie was very much relatable since I went/go through that with my daughter.
The one thing I think was the most memorable with that thought is how Colleen just left things go with Jamie. Left it in the hands of God. What will be and what is too big for her, he will take care of. Important message that I need to remember.
Good view on what Ireland is like. How it was explained of the island of Inishbofin. Quite the truth. Since my father's side came from there and seeing for myself, it is a hard place. It was good to see that there is a better effect happening from one place to benefit others even on a holiday.
Of course everything is wrapped up nicely at the end. Jamie and Colleen get what they have been searching for.

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A good story for a free price. I give An Irish Christmas 4 

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas in High Heels

This is the 1st book I have read of the high heels series. When people say it is a short story they are not kidding. It was too short. I liked the story. Typical Hallmark kind of story. A lot of things happening all at once. It is what is a cute Christmas story.

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I give Christmas in High Heels 3___> 

Just because the story is too short.

Monday, November 19, 2012

The Shadow of the Wind

I'm not surprised of the mixed reviews this book got. But mostly were good. Many characters and many things going on. I like the concept of having a Cemetery of the Forgotten Books. Every book should have a place to go where someone else would love the story just as well.. The Cemetery  was not the center of the story but a tool for it. Daniel was the lucky kid to have a book by the author Julian Carax named The Shadow of the Wind.The more he read the book the more he wanted to know about this author. It was apparent that the interest in his writings is with the mannerism of Daniel. Daniel and Julian seem to have linked lives. I believe Daniel was taken under his wing because of the mirror image he had of Julian. And Julian did not want Daniel to make the same mistakes he has made. 
There is one chapter named Empty Plate. I think it has something to do about the book business.Books get to be empty plates when people have it in their head to assume that tv would take over books. When in reality movies are based on books. Bringing it right around again to the pen is still mightier. Bea ,Daniel's wife said that the art of reading is slowly dying. A book is a mirror that offers what we already carry inside us. We read, we do it with all our heart and mind. And great readers are becoming more scarce by the day. Which leads me back to an empty plate . There are worse prisons than words.  
With the adventures that Daniel went through to find out about this author because Daniel came across this book. Did it give him a right to enter different people's lives? Because the book picked him? So this is the story that feels so Gothic.
Shadows,memories,ghosts,dreams all can be found in the Cemetery of the Forgotten Books. Just like Shadow of the Wind was found..
When Daniel does connect with Julian Carax,Julian was not inspired. So I thought sometimes there needs to be an adventure to find about an author, lights up the candle again on writing another piece. This couldn't be said any better. Leafing through pages of a new book is like inhaling the enchanted scent of promise.
And this is why I give The Shadow of the Wind 5__________>
This is a bookcrossing book. And I hope that whoever receives it enjoys it too. 

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Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Big 5-Oh

I bought a kindle 4 and this is the 1st book that I got. I really enjoyed this story. My favorite character I would have to say is Olivia, the main character of course. Followed her through her mishaps at the airport where she kept getting beeped because of her keys. Her mind wandering,film at 11 missing Florida vacation being detained for having too many keys. Through her meeting a guy on the airline. She finding out that he lived right next door where she was staying. Deciding to peek over the fence and fell in the pool. She had colorful adventures with the dog she sat,Boofer who dug up the neighbor's cat corpse to waking up to a alligator swimming in the pool.
What a vacation she has. Finally she establishes a relationship to that man she met Jared Hunt. Finding a place in life beside him after going all through the birthday curse. Every bad thing happened around her birthday. Cancer, losing her husband. And now the curse is broken. With the help of her best friend Hallie and Hallie's mom Josie everything ends all neat in a package.
Happily ever after!
Amazon says frequently bought together Love Finds You in Holiday,Florida
I give The Big 5-Oh 5

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful Days

I definitely like the 1st book a bit better. But this one wasn't so bad. Love how Cordelia and her brother is getting along with one another. Nice to see Cord have her friends beside her. Never thought she was as young as she is in story. The way the story is written you would think she was in her late 20s or more. Being only 18 and being host of a speakeasy says a lot that she has to grow up.

I so wish the next novel that Cord's friend Letty will be a bit on the grown up side. I hate for 2 books that she was whining and clingy.

I couldn't get over the fact that one day Cord is rip roaring to avenge her father's death and the next she has no clue on what's happening with any of her father's affairs. And I know her brother was trying to educate her. Again that's where I was confused with her age. The author did not lean toward that she was young. I guess I was disappointed that the author was slow with story but again like a lot of writers, write all the fast paced stuff just to conclude a story  at the end. All of the drama and juicy stuff is put to the end. How sad.

Beautiful Days of being in the sun near the pool,finally going for a dream that is for the taking, plus running a business that would make a father proud, and love for Astrid,Charlie and finally Cordelia. They are Beautiful Days.

I hear there is going to be a thrid novel coming out. I will be looking forward to reading that too.

I give Beautiful Days 4 

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Winds from Hastings

It wasn't the best of books that I read from this author. But I did enjoy it. Although it was fiction, again Morgan Llywelyn twines the fiction and non fiction together. Interesting battle of the Normans and English on Hasting. I like how she tells it from Aldith's view. The romance of Griffith was a nice touch. So many times we don't read this.
I would of like to read about how strong Aldith did turn out. But the message was there will be no fighting to be shown to her children. That they would grow up peaceful. Even with the status of her children with a crown in later life. It was said to be they will bring peace

I give The Winds From Hastings 3 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Tuscan Holiday

By Holly Chamberlin
I thought this book was good. I wouldn't say it was the best but it kept my interest. I think I related to this story, a mother and a daughter. The daughter is getting married but finds herself on this vacation with her mother and actually is finding herself.
My daughter is getting married and I wish I could have that time with her. Except the daughter character started out to be a bit**. Mine just doesn't think. Marina the character does start to turn around but again like that mother I too get confused if its genuine.
I'm glad to see that her mother did some soul searching and thought now is the time for her. Like all mothers we sacrifice our lives for our children. And when they go on their own it's hard to not think about them, and start thinking of us.

Pretty much sums it up. At the end (by the way hated how it ended) Marina gets what she wants. Her life of her own A new adventure. Mom finally says to herself I'm worth it. Moving on with her life.

I give Tuscan Holiday 4 

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Dead As A Doornail

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Another good Sookie Stackhouse book. I like the fact that the story wasn't so much focused on the vamps. But having story focus on the other characters in Sookie's life is good.

Even though the show True Blood did mess things up a smidgen with Sookie and Eric, was nice to read at the end of book there still a bit of chemistry,mystery, (if you will) between the two.

I give Dead As A Doornail 4

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


The name of the book is very much like what a bloodroot is. You would never guess that this plant could be used as a healing agent or a poison. This pretty flower can be deadly.

All these characters lives are intertwined. There are good things that happen. And there are bad. Bad enough that one another didn't mind seeing each other dead.
I think the characters were written to tell their story for themselves because the reader gets the sense of their messed up lives. You feel their pain. And even though they are different, they are not. Intertwined from generation to generation.

Character Byrdie, Myra's granny chose to have the reader experience her history because it was foreshadowing what Myra was going to do when she was older. A wild streak for the two. Involved with someone young. One worked out the other didn't. Obvious lesson that Myra found out too late from Byrdie is not to run so far from home. Slow it down, because family is all you have at the end.
There was talk about magic. Myra's granny was part of "granny women". Curse was to be lifted all the pain and bad things happened to family when someone was born with haunt eyes. It was broken in a way. Might of skipped Myra when she was born. And her kids had it rough but they are young enough to break way and make it better for themselves. Traditions are important. That's the foundation on how your life plays out. For better or worse it's up to you to make what you want.

Appalachia is the back drop for this story. It can be as wicked as foul weather, or it can be accepting. Myra's husband treated her so badly. I think the one thing I actually felt not just the beatings that she got but he would put her under the house. It was like the story that Edgar Allen Poe wrote "The Premature Burial". Very twisted mind he loves her enough to keep her like that. If he can't have her, her grandmother wasn't either. The contrast of John Odem, Myra, and her children is love, hate that just don't know how to work out for the good. History does repeat itself in the worse way. Nothing from beginning was showed of true warm feelings.

Doug, Myra's friend from childhood says Bloodroot Mountain has an allure to it. Why the  two of them felt with one in the mountain I think is because Bloodroot accepted them as themselves. No pain, always seem to find that calming place.
Myra's children do seem to follow that reckless pattern that both Myra and John Odem had. But I believe they do try to straighten out. They are so like Myra that there was a strong bond between them. You have one mother and even though things might not be the way you want. That bond somehow will bless you.

Bloodroot, healing characters like Byrdie, and Ford who showed Myra a better side, and Macon who was Byrdie's strong one. Pain, hateful characters like John Odem. Thought he could wipe out the stuff that happened to his mother and him as a child. But in turn just hurt the person that would of stayed with him to the end. Healing and poison very deceiving like the flower.

I'm glad that I stuck to it and read all the way through. Sure there were parts that drug on but the story itself was pretty good.

I give Bloodroot 5 

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hard Eight

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Very surprised that Hard Eight was a funny story. Lately Janet Evanovich I feel in my option was making Stephanie more grown up than what her antics were. Which I thought were a bit boring.
Anyways Hard Eight is refreshing. I like how Stephanie kept referring to Ranger's place as the batcave. And always the tension of Ranger, Morelli, and Stephane. Stephanie as hard as she wants to be has a big heart and wants to help people. Even though it does gather in trouble sometime. But than again that wouldn't be our Stephanie. Grandma never disappointed at being crazy grandma.
Another that I noticed is Evanovich tends to recap on certain things. Which is good to refresh memories, especially for people who don't read the books in succession. But it is a bit annoying when trying to read without going through history.

I give Hard Eight 5

Barnes and Noble  says

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Thursday, February 02, 2012


Didn't think book was exciting. Very weird. Too many characters in a plot but favorite character Claire. Her daughter snotty. Not much on Christmas, surprising it's a holiday book. Druids and Wiccians uh don't know about that.

I give Holly,Jolly, Murder 2

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It is a BookCrossing book and is available.

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