Sunday, November 19, 2017

I'm Still Here

I like how the author makes a point in her story with some light- heartedness but still packs a punch. She draws this book as a mental illness story. The sad fact is that not everyone looks and acts the same with mental illness. If we become aware and see signs we maybe able to help someone.

I hated the way Esther was treated because her sister was no longer around. Her family decided it was easier to run her out of their lives than deal with the fact of whatever happen it wasn't anyone's fault. A form of mental abuse. And let's not forget how vile her parents were because of what? Long time use of drugs on them :(  Didn't matter how many Ho Ho's that Esther ate. She hurt. 

It took a accident of falling and hitting Esther's head for some to pay attention. It wasn't just a normal life that the whole family was leading. She remembered the fowl stuff her family did, and didn't remember the good things that were happening. There she felt not worthy. Only than she could use what she called "Ez Pass Brain," thoughts come into her brain and speed through her mouth without slowing down. That way people knew what she thought.

No wonder Esther felt she was not worthy. And took such a long time to believe that Kingston loved her for who she was. In fact all her friends including co workers and boss loved her for who she is.
I was glad to know one of her family, Aster would want a relationship with her.

I'm glad things worked out well for her. I was rooting for her. I sped through this book. A bit slow at first, than hard to put down.

I give I'm Still Here 5 

I look forward to read another story of Kathryn Biel's. As long it's not a series.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blue Mercy

When reading what this book was about. I was very excited to read it. But when I started to read it, it was very different from what I imagined. Very disappointing.

The whole idea that "Star" Maria had this attitude on her was very tiresome. I was ready to say enough. A brat, b****. Until you read about her mother Mercy. A shame that history repeats itself. But there is no call for Maria, the daughter to repeat abuse everything. Growing pains, sure if you want to believe that.

To the very end Star still can't rein in her feelings for her mother. Not even after she got everything she wanted.

Mercy sacrificed herself for her daughter's happiness. But the 1 questioned is not even answered who did kill Da?

I give Blue Mercy 3 
Good writing but could do with less drama. Would of loved to actually not see what was coming.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Marsh Madness

What can I say about this book? Second book in this little series. Mam, Lindsey, and Bonnie were just as great characters as before when introduced from  Fiddle Dee Death. A mystery a mist but this time I think the girls had their hands full with a wedding @ the Pinckney Plantation and baby sitting MaryMar with her stalker. 

It was a little disappointing that they didn't have that chance sinking their teeth in a mystery. Will was more vocal this time as Lindsey's boyfriend and Major of law enforcement. Love their quarks. Mam watching a lot of CSI thinking she knows everything about crime now, Lindsey still likes her Coca Cola, and Bonnie looking at everything wisely. Got to know more on their other halves lives. Which was nice.

A good story with the Southern characters that intertwine with all. Didn't matter if they were the culprit or the owner of Pinckney. Nice!

I give Marsh Madness 4 
Only because I miss the girls getting involved like sleuths.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Tale of Two Sisters

Thought this was one book. Surprisingly there were three stories that intertwined themselves. I found them interesting and understood how these connected

We all have those feelings that our parents think better of our siblings. But we never get the whole story. It just may be that parents do feel proud of us. As what happened to Elizabeth and Rosamund they went through a lot. One was a bit farther than the other. One found love. In the end they are all the same. And all can count on each other.

As for the story of the Mirror Image I don't know what I would do to find out all these years I had a half sister. Two sisters, two women completely different. Again will they find out how much they are the same?

At last, Fourth Time Lucky. To be a mother and have 3 boys and husband always a rough side to deal with. And wishing to have a daughter, a daughter to share with her likes herself. But this mother feels she is unlucky for she had another boy. Never giving Rory a chance. Rory has speech problems. He copes with it and his mother can not be any prouder of him to accomplish a hard character in a hard play. So this time even though Rory was a son he shared his mother's passion. "A daughter might not have done."

I give A Tale of Two Sisters---- 4

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

love walked in

I was interested in reading a debut story from the eye of a poet. I liked the storyline. But found it dragging in some parts. Just to get a portion of the story to move on was irritating. The flow of some of the adjectives I feel were unnecessary. So I had to skip some parts. Not necessarily did I think was going to be for Cornelia and Martin happened. But I guess if you look at the big picture finding true love in all the right actions with Clare did walk in. I thought how Clare and Cornelia went about it it wouldn't really happen in real life.

Some say the use of movie quotes are a bit over the top and don't understand why. Yes I have to agree. But I do think the author is trying to parallel how movies somewhat always have a happy ending to how she wanted Cornelia,Clare,Teo, etc to end up. Cornelia's father referenced it at the end. A bit overboard. But the story was good.

I do have the next book of Marisa De Los Santos hopefully that one I won't have to skip pages and it will move a bit faster.
I did like how it was set in my own city Philly :)

I give love walked in 4 

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Friday, June 30, 2017

Orphan Train

I don't know where I got this book. But I'm glad I did. A story within a story. Parallel lives for Molly and Vivian. One recent and one some time ago.

Molly surviving from a tragic death of her father. Being that she was Indian and her father gone she had to leave. Mother wasn't a good role model for her either. Foster family to foster family she grew a tough skin. Fell on tough times that she needed to do community service. Her boyfriend and mom helped her out by getting some sevice of cleaning from Vivian.

Molly didn't start out to get involved with a relationship with Vivian. The stories that Vivian told of herself and the interest that she had for Molly made her community service that much interesting. Each box that Molly pulled out there was a story. Vivian and her family came to America from Kinvara, Ireland. In times when there was fighting over there. Sadly they weren't treated any better here in America. Tragedy hit Vivian, her family gone.

The only thing left from her grandmother she had was a claddagh necklace. Just like Molly with her 3 charms that was significant to her from her dad and her heritage. Vivian was sent on a train, an orphan train, with her claddagh necklace to see if there was a home for her.

I know it sounds crude but I believe The Children Aid Society thought they were doing a good thing. Placing these children with families that would feed, clothe, and educate them. And if the 1st stop on the train didn't want the children than the next stop was hopeful. If not back to the orphanage. Sadly there were so many children it was hard to keep up. Many fell through the cracks, like Vivian. CAS had to change their names to fit what people wanted. Vivian's real name was Niamh. Than Dorthy and finally when she found a family that cared for her she took Vivian.

Molly eventually did some research on her own about Vivian. By this time Molly was living with Vivian. Her foster family kicked her out. Molly found out about Vivian's family. And helped spark back an interest for Vivian to reach out and find out more.

So what do you take with you when you are to home from home, place to place?
Vivian 's idea is people who matter stay with us, haunting our ordinary moments. In the grocery store, turn a corner, chat with a friend, they rise up through the pavement, we absorb them through our soles.

Once Vivian and Molly reached out to other people who were on a orphan train it was interesting what people thought about that train. The ones that were lucky, they found that this bad thing happened and that but they grew up to be respectable people. they had a happy life, a life that was possible because they were orphaned or abandoned. They were sent on the orphan train, and wouldn't trade it for the world.

The author, Christina Baker Kline, made some changes in her book. The revised version answers the question about Molly changing.
I think Molly changed when she went to live with Vivian. Vivian gave her the respect and the interest that she wasn't just a piece of dirt. She included Molly. Which made Molly more helpful, considerate, and down right caring.
That is what happens when someone has your best interest at heart. Molly's last foster parents were tough. Dina was a cop, thought it was better to be tough on her, talk down to her. Her husband not any better to stick up for Molly.

I think the end Molly and Vivian found peace within their own selves.
 I would recommend this book

I give Orphan Train 5 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Brownie Points

Wasn't sure how this story was going to play out. I was pleasantly surprised. Moving is hard enough as it is. But moving to Utopia, the name alone gives the reader a sense of how this community is. All buttoned up and tidy as can be. I felt for Lisa. It's so different from San Francisco. As any family does, Lisa's husband Jason, and kids, Maya and Logan make this move for Jason so he gets a chance to move up in his job.
As the story goes on everyone fits in,"makes it work", except Logan who has a hard time.

Logan likes different things than the average boy. And he is good at what he does. I'm happy that his family does accept who he is. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Just from luck, Logan stumbles on the Girl Scouts from his sister Maya. He finds that he likes it, and all accepts him. Do I think by supporting Logan to join Girl Scouts was wise? No and yes. I don't think Logan should be a GS but I think his family should support him and find something along the same lines

Being my son was a Boy Scout, I can't say I would approve to let him join Girl Scouts. The risks are rules. I think the community would feel 50/50 about it. Especially in this day and age. The age of 14, as Logan was, there is Venturing Scouts that allows girls and boys together. Granted Logan is not looking for high adventure but that is the rules.

I don't think Lisa was rushing things for her to "shove Logan out of the closet" I think what she was trying to do was make it easier for her family, especially Jason, to see why Logan was acting the way he was. And it makes it easier for people to help. Yes she was a protective mamma. And that was written a bit too long for my taste.

There is always a person like Val Monroe who just wants to live, and everyone else to live the way they do. If no one confronts them than they will always get their way. Point, that we find out there is no community committee. But Lisa was first to stand up to Val and not cave in to the demands of violation after violation. We see that there is a character that counteracts the Vals that are in a community.Which at 1st you can see why Lisa is hesitate about her. And her name is Michelle. How nice it was to have a friend that believed in Lisa's family. That believed there was nothing wrong about being "different".

Utopia, a Lifetime movie town? Sounds like it. New neighbors move in, The Taylor Family. Looks like good people, Father, husband, Jason new Fire Captain of the town, Mother, wife, Lisa protective mamma, and artist. Kids, Maya and Logan. What could be different, what could rock the boat? Bi-racial family, Gay son, and a daughter who embraces her heritage a bit too dramatically. Does it look  better on the other side? We soon find that Utopia has skeletons in their closet too.
It always looks good on the other side.The Taylor's find some high power lawyer and famous artist to fight a cause and become good friends with. Plus "tada" Lisa sells her art and becomes well known.

Only In Utopia!

 I'm looking forward in reading more of Jennifer Coburn's books. As long as they stay light hearted

 I give Brownie Points- 5 

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Anatomy School

I had this book in my bookcase for awhile now. And it just seemed to be the right book to read now. Let's see, what do I think about it? It surely is a coming of age story. I read some reviews on The Anatomy School. And what kept popping up was the setting of the story, Northern Ireland a place that was mostly Protesant. But Martin and his mother, Catholic, were living there, having company with a priest and a few friends. Martin's mother would entertain her priest friend with a few others who would talk about recent interests. I don't find this weird. Maybe because my family lives in Northern Ireland and are Catholic. And they live their lives as they will. The characters were pretty interesting. Naturally I had one that I didn't care for. His name is Blaise. He was different. Didn't follow the rules much. But Martin, Kavangh, and Blaise became friends. Wanting to get in University. Before all the shenanigans happen Martin tries to study. Funny he was trying to convince himself that the exams were to be questions that are important or not. But if people checked not important all that would be left would be English teachers. And the country would be run by teachers.
As time went on I followed these students how they were going to make it in University and even how they came to support each other when one was different. I also read how they grew up and shy of girls. And what they did. Interesting how they all kept the tradition of tea and cake. Funny how I started to give these boys a chance. I started to put together the year the story was set from a few things that a priest said to Martin.

Why the title? I'm guessing it's because that's when things started to come together for the boys, and light bulbs would light for them.

At times this book would drag. I felt like pulling these characters through just to get on with it.
For that I give The Anatomy School
It's not that I didn't like the story,I did. And I hope the next person that reads this will too.

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Saturday, March 04, 2017

Singing Bird

Singing Bird, what a interesting name this is. Not a story I thought it was going to be. But not bad. I liked how the story started and it took off from there.

You could tell this couple Lena and Jack were good together. From the moment when Jack walks in the door and Lena gets that fizz of excitement when Jack comes home.
But when they were to move in their new house. I had a feeling when Jack had to leave Lena for work. Um... On the road again? Out of the country for a long period of time? Yeah something's up with that
But I soon forgot with the focus on Lena to find their daughters birth mother. Which I think she really was trying to hard which was annoying. Even for the fact Lena tried to find hers. At the end I was glad she decided to give the info to Mary, their daughter. For she should be the one to look into it.

I did not see that answer coming, about Mary's birth mother. That's a kick to the stomach. Mary found out a little about her own self. The outcome was a wide awake feeling. 

"Love at best is a bird in flight 
That cares not what you do or say
Call it back, and it's out of sight"

So at the end Lena did get good news on her search for her own.
So sweet the moments where did the sweet pleasure go
The memory of the good no sin will pass

For Jack and  Lena will come through the darkness. Oh I wonder what the decided (Lena)

I give this book 4 
Just because Lena's character just was annoying at times. Too much of the mess.

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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Santa Society

I was actually surprised with this book. When I see that it is a romance. ::::Sheesh:::: but it was a Christmas book and I like to pick up some holiday stories

What a different but all so familiar kind of direction the story took. I felt for Erin. She lost her mother around Christmas and so did I. How can you have those happy Christmas feelings? I caught on when Erin meets the dog named Klaus. And a handsome guy named Reason. Tis the reason! Here it begins a Christmas story comes to life.

Than it got to the society. They had their hand into everything. I thought this is like sciencetology how they know people who know people. But I look at the name of the town,Christmasville. There is talk of the gift, rules for these members. A nice twist from the generic way of hearing of the "Christmas" story. Erin,Reason,Callie,Dex,etc... All doing their thing keeping Christmas alive with normal lives

Toward the end when Erin was waiting for Reason the story reminded me of a Hallmark movie. I was rooting for Erin and Klaus and Reason of course. Without giving too much away I can say that I stopped reading another Christmas book to read The Santa Society. And I never wanted to go back to  read the other book.  

I think The Santa Society  was a cute story. Not at all a sappy love story. The characters were strong and written well. I give The Santa Society ------------- 5

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