Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Claus Legend of the Fat Man

I didn't realize this book was a YA book. I thought the story was intresting for all. The book was pretty good. Almost anyone/everything you can think of about Christmas and the North Pole, was covered.

Story started out like hitting the ground running. But towards the middle it pretty much stalled. It wasn't until the end it picked up once again.
It was very nice to find out about Jack and Claus. And how Santa Claus was created in Nicholas. Rudolf was given a storyline of strength and knowledge. He was one of the reindeer that was looked upon that he knew what he was doing. Far cry from the stories/songs you hear of him . I like to see the underdog come out well.

It was a treat to read a story that actually had a story in it especially for Christmas. There was fact intertwine with fiction. Such as the elven people. An ancient people that were left from the Ice Age. There were Nordic people an ancient Indians, Eskimos, their stature could be mirrored by our beloved elves.
The author made these people full of magic. But the magic that can only be of the elements.

I thought the way the author wrote the character Claus was a bit weird. And Jack, he was crazier than I thought. What a twist to find out who Jack and Claus's mother was. And how easy it was for the elven's to accept the idea of "Christmas". And all the rest of the ideas that came from their leader.

 I am putting the other two books on my wishlist. I would like to complete the stories of Jack and Frosty.

I give Claus: The legend of the fat man 5

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