Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Big 5-Oh

I bought a kindle 4 and this is the 1st book that I got. I really enjoyed this story. My favorite character I would have to say is Olivia, the main character of course. Followed her through her mishaps at the airport where she kept getting beeped because of her keys. Her mind wandering,film at 11 missing Florida vacation being detained for having too many keys. Through her meeting a guy on the airline. She finding out that he lived right next door where she was staying. Deciding to peek over the fence and fell in the pool. She had colorful adventures with the dog she sat,Boofer who dug up the neighbor's cat corpse to waking up to a alligator swimming in the pool.
What a vacation she has. Finally she establishes a relationship to that man she met Jared Hunt. Finding a place in life beside him after going all through the birthday curse. Every bad thing happened around her birthday. Cancer, losing her husband. And now the curse is broken. With the help of her best friend Hallie and Hallie's mom Josie everything ends all neat in a package.
Happily ever after!
Amazon says frequently bought together Love Finds You in Holiday,Florida
I give The Big 5-Oh 5

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