Saturday, March 04, 2017

Singing Bird

Singing Bird, what a interesting name this is. Not a story I thought it was going to be. But not bad. I liked how the story started and it took off from there.

You could tell this couple Lena and Jack were good together. From the moment when Jack walks in the door and Lena gets that fizz of excitement when Jack comes home.
But when they were to move in their new house. I had a feeling when Jack had to leave Lena for work. Um... On the road again? Out of the country for a long period of time? Yeah something's up with that
But I soon forgot with the focus on Lena to find their daughters birth mother. Which I think she really was trying to hard which was annoying. Even for the fact Lena tried to find hers. At the end I was glad she decided to give the info to Mary, their daughter. For she should be the one to look into it.

I did not see that answer coming, about Mary's birth mother. That's a kick to the stomach. Mary found out a little about her own self. The outcome was a wide awake feeling. 

"Love at best is a bird in flight 
That cares not what you do or say
Call it back, and it's out of sight"

So at the end Lena did get good news on her search for her own.
So sweet the moments where did the sweet pleasure go
The memory of the good no sin will pass

For Jack and  Lena will come through the darkness. Oh I wonder what the decided (Lena)

I give this book 4 
Just because Lena's character just was annoying at times. Too much of the mess.

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