Thursday, May 03, 2018

Chasing Paris

I received this book I believe as a kindle freebie. I just recently gotten around to reading it. It wasn't bad. I liked the story. I read the reviews that others had said. One of the critiques was the depth of the characters. Some feel there weren't any. I believe the author really didn't want to much deepness into these characters. I believe it was suppose to be a light read and characters were fluffy.

I had all these notes and highlights that I liked to the book. But as I look over them I decided it was too much for what I want to say about the book but liked all the same.
Amy and April receive letters in the mail from a person that eventually found out it was from their grandmother. A grandmother that they would never know. And family that didn't want the girls to know who Lizzie their grandmother was. But Amy was determined. April was fine not knowing. Curiosity got the better of Amy. With inheritance given and something left to a mysterious man Billy Strath, her mother Debbie, who did not want Lizzie mentioned at all. Amy had to find out.
With found letters between Lizzie and Billy Amy started to piece lives together. While she is going through the letters, on the other side of California was Will. Will came upon a book of Renaissance poems that had notes written in the margin. Since he was an English major he had to find out who this person was. After meeting Amy the both of them put the pieces together. With Amy also being a English major, Debbie told her that she always knew to analyze what was in front of her. And that was Debbie's non angry advice.
Naturally I thought that more romance was going to come from Will. But it was kind of nice to read that Will genuinely became friends with her and his relationship built from that. Of course Miles was the boyfriend that never supported her. And was finally realizing that Miles wasn't right for her.
She found that Lizzie had this life at a time with Billy in Paris. All leads to Paris, Hence the title Chasing Paris. Even though Nana was really Amy and April's Aunt, she also was hoping that Amy would find out what happened.

I was hoping that a trip to Paris would come sooner than it did.When she made that trip more info was found out. Amy called her mom to tell her the hate that she carried for her mother wasn't the reason for her grandfather's death or why Lizzie left. But it was best said from Will, Lizzie was following shadows of lost dreams.
And now the story ends with Lizzie. The dreamer, like her grandmother Lizzie, Amy finds her story of life with Will. Nice twist of Amy's writing that started the book.

I give Chasing Paris 4
If I'm looking for a light read and I hear there are cameo's in the next book from the characters of this one. I'll read Remembering Summer 

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