Sunday, October 04, 2009

Treasure Island

So many things seem to remind me of the story Treasure Island. Especially since my kids worked up at Treasure Island in the past years. And I think I heard that Survivor was focusing the game as the famous story Treasure Island. Than I knew that I had to read it.

I think Treasure Island is a adventure store because of both the plot and colorful characters. Who would think a boy would go on this ship to hunt for gold with all these characters such as Long John Silver with one leg :)

This is a story for everyone. Young, old, boy, girl, makes no difference we have dream t of finding something precious and going through exciting mishaps and calm happenings.

I think treasure can be used for other quests such as the Olympics. When someone participates in that race in hopes of a gold medal. That is that persons hunt for their treasure. Even in human life is a treasure search for good health. To live longer to enjoy longer.
The history that Stevenson gives of the treasure with crime,bloodshed,and intrigue is unfortunately at times part of real life. You need to take the bad with the good. And when a person finds their treasure it's up to them on how they chose to have it for themselves.

Some say Stevenson has a message in his novel for piracy for us on a daily basis. My option is no. I think yes piracy does reflect in business, etc. But for the novel I believe he was only trying to capture an adventure since pirates do have that mystery about them with their rouge demeanor.

All in all the story was great. I enjoyed it and will be keeping this novel in my collection. Maybe someday I could pass my thoughts with someone else :)

I give Treasure Island 4

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