Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Art Forger

I'm not sure why I picked this story. I had my eye on it before. But I guess with my new artsy cover for new kindle paperwhite probably.
Was interesting to find out that this was a true crime, a $500 million dollar art heist at the Gardner Museum in Boston in 1990.
The characters really weren't top. I found the main character Claire who had a rough go at it in beginning was just annoying. She knew what she was doing.The questions she had, I would slap her. With her investigative work on finding the "original" painting droned on with all these artist. The forgery (I think that was the most wonder) itself wow what people would go through. Especially Belle who gathered all these paintings for a museum.

Story kept alluding about a certain person being in a painting, odd. All along readers I would think would know who this person was. I liked Claire's friends. Hanging out @ Jake's the bar that all the artist knows. The one character that didn't make sense, Issac, classic what would you do for love? And whatever happened to that money Claire had to put in different accounts. Never heard anything more after painting was done. Hmm...

Wasn't really excited. Found myself toward the end skimming chapters. Just too long and sometimes confusing. The story itself was great. I do agree with other reviewers how the art history was presented not a page turner

What leads me to agree with the question the author leaves, what would any of us be willing to do to secure our ambitions, to get what we want?, unknown artists, famous artists, gallery owners, collectors, Belle, me and you?

I give Art Forger 4 
because it just was so long and drawn out. Characters were interesting but other than that.... I'm glad I read it though

Friday, August 09, 2019

Sullivan's Island

I had this book for several years. And was looking for a summer read. Sullivan's Island did not disappoint. I've seen the reviews that said it was another book about a woman, discovers herself, husband left her etc..

I can only say how I liked it. As I was reading I thought yeah this is similar to some stories about women. But I guess I went on to read is because it was funny. The set up of finding her husband and what she did after was funny.
And something about coming home when things get stressed is very comforting. And that's what Susan found. When you have an open mind and heart you find positives to being home.

Struggling with her daughter Beth is hard. Didn't matter what Susan said or did, would never be right. As always finding something in common and working it out makes mother and daughter stronger. Than Susan gets to be called Mamma.
Soon to be ex husband Tom shows up. What's a woman to do? The man is still Beth's father. Even though we can get upset with others that may have a weak moment, Susan had a life with this man. No one should judge.
When things gets straightened out Susan finds herself, with a job, men.

The flash backs took me a minute. And usually I end up liking one side more than the other. Honestly I liked both. Susan and her siblings are always on edge because of their father being rough with them. I noticed that Susan knew enough that she needed to protect them as well as her older sister Maggie. I was surprised to read that she had to take care of the twins (youngest) and her mom would just let her do that.
It's amazing how one person can make someone shake, not confident in themselves. For that the Hamilton family was left with a cold mother when she tells the children their father died.
Found it very interesting that Hamilton's father was so mean to his own family that he had a soft spot for civil rights. Also Susan did wonder how her father died. I have a theory.Maybe its the way he did treat his family.

After things fall in place with Susan and Beth, Susan looks forward and realizes that being surrounded and enjoying company of the people that are important can make Susan happy. And when she was alive she knew Livvie loved her, all of the kids. Finding love again.

And for that she tries to teach Beth a valuable lesson. Since Tom is sick they are praying that he gets better. But Beth does not believe that if something happens that person will always be with her. Which is surprising. Usually religious people believe the spirit lives within, and all around. Incuding Livvie.

I give Sullivan's Island 5
I'm looking forward to the next book, Plantation