Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bel Canto

I don't have any favorite characters from this book. They were equally good. I guess if I had to pick one it would be Roxanne Coss. She was an American and came to this party that they had and did her job. What she found was that she learnt a lot about herself
that she would of never guessed of herself.

My thoughts on Bel Canto are very simple really.
A beautiful story, a love story of all kinds. The story is compared to the Stockholm Syndrome, In this day it is hard to see people relate in a gentle way to captors (bad guy). But the way the story is told one wishes it was that simple to love of a different kind, to be isolated from the harsh world, to live in a world without hate.
One can only try and make a better world for the future.

To make the world a bit more tolerable to live in
and have it mesh together.

The story is slow. At the 100th page it starts to pick up but quickly stands still. I was glad when I got to the end to finally see the characters do something different.

A shame that the ending wasn't so good. To read such a lovely story and to have the ending aburtly end sloppy I thought was pretty bad.
It was like a good movie using all the good moves and story lines to find it not knowing where to go but down hill.

That was the only cons I had for Bel Canto. I would recommend this book. And I am giving the author, Ann Patchett another chance by reading another book of hers called The Magician Assistant. This will be going on my wishlist.

Bel Canto is a bookcrossing book. And it will be making it's way to Canada.

I give Bel Canto 5

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