Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Stupidest Angel

Always heard about this book. Never got to read it. In honor of one of my book friends that recently passed away, I thought I would read it. Since it is the season and all plus she sent me this book for my birthday.
Very interesting story it is. Not your typical holiday story.
I think my favorite characters were Molly and Theo, and Tuck. Maybe for good measure Roberto, the fruit bat (that could speak?), and the Narrator. 
Molly and Theo really had a good chemistry. The Narrator was just a bonus for Molly in her head.( I know I could talk with my invisible character. LOL!) Tuck he grew on you.
I like the conversations that the graveyard had with one another. Pretty good points they had. Loved the DJ. "Marty in the Morning,all dead,all the time".
I could of did without the zombies. But all turned out. The stupid angel finally got it right with his wish. Knowing now that he does better without granting a person (child's wish) and just doing some general work. Funny how the angel could hear Molly's narrator. And knows that people can be pretty in other ways.
I thought the added on chapter was kind of a waste. Seemed forced to me. Especially with Roberto being able to talk and communicate to make a happy holiday.

Hoping to send out to another bookcrosser. And will like the story as much as me. I give The Stupidest Angel 4 
Just because I felt it didn't need extra storyline.
Looking forward to reading more of the Pine Cove characters.
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Friday, November 29, 2013

The Book Thief

I liked this book very much. I didn't have one favorite character. It took me awhile to figure out that Death was the narrative part. I thought that was most interesting that it saw good and bad in humans, "I am haunted by humans." But it got a bit confusing at the end. The relationships that Liesel had with her "papa" and Max I feel were a good story. That is where the "book thief" is connected. Liesel was the "book thief without the words," How she learnt to read and even find common interest with Max who gave Liesel a whole new outlook on describing things. To go and write her own story.
For a good story, Jewish/German was a bit tame. And was glad to see that it was written that Liesel and Rudy finally knew more than was said how the people were treated. Seeing papa do a kind thing by offering bread crumbs. And later having the children do the same gives them a better look at was to be. It wasn't quite a strong ideal but gets the message across. I didn't give enough to "mama" but there in the end Liesel did have some nice things to say about her. In her own way mama did love Liesel.
 The story had to end sadly. But to know Liesel does find someone important is comforting. What a shame. But of course it was all put together nicely. What does a book and an accordion have in common? They all tell a story. And you hear what it says.

I give The Book Thief 4 
I feel that the background was a bit weak.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Rose Hotel

 The Rose Hotel 


I usually don't like non-fiction books but this one was an exception. Although it is 2 different cultures that we live, we are still the same. Reading that the Iranian boys are considered men at 15 years and settle down, not all feel they are ready. As the older son Abdollah found out. And for that this dutiful son acts out. Even his sister Rahiheh wanted to know why Abdollah didn't want to hear his favorite singer or go see her at the movies. Their father Baba, as they called him kept the family in line. He tries to be reasonable but customs are not to be thrown around lightly. And each child did try to adapt to the western culture once they were there.

This story was written for around the period of the Iranian Revolution. The family was asked to protect their Ayatollah in their hotel. And much like us other things were brought about that went wrong and was asked to help.
But sadly when Baba asked for help with his son Abdollah it was never given. Why? Because Baba stood up for the innocent.
For that it lead to so many downs including a life. It messed up the other children's lives also. Maman as they call their mother, went through a terrible time in her life, losing a son and have breast cancer. For years all struggled with their lives to the point when Rahimeh was old enough to try to do something. At one point there was a break through. Each child left his/her guard down long enough to feel better about themselves. Even Baba and Maman took a turn around realizing their blessings are right in front of them,their children,and grandchildren.

Each one went through their own kind of therapy. Some found their healing in religion, travel, and meditation. Life itself was everyone's teacher. Each one found their own way of telling their story.

I give The Rose Hotel 5 
because Rahimeh used her story as a tool to help others. Doesn't make a difference if it's our culture or someone else's. This story helps her family and people who have similar fears and joys. By telling one's own story opens up a whole new world.

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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Definitely Dead

This book was the best so far of the series,besides the first book. I enjoyed Sookie going out with a completely different person than what she's used to. I thought it was nice not to have to read about Bill all the time. And how he and/or she struggles. A tiger is so different for sure.
Sad to read that her cousin is definitely dead. You don't hear much about her.
Change of pace for Sookie and readers to read that she was doing things for the Queen.
Funny how the phrase definitely dead was used and how many times. We get it. There were some funny moments too. Sookie and Quinn going to the dance. Sookie in this wild outfit, queens helper pushing her boob in her dress. Just plain general the relationship of her and Quinn developed.

I guess it's on to the next one in the series.
I give Definitely Dead 5

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

This Side of Paradise

This book was pretty good. I couldn't help but think of  The Great Gatsby although this was written before. I never read anything with the main character that was a very bold egotistic person than Amory Blaine was. He was an interesting character to say the least. After his mother died I thought Amory would of settled down. But just the opposite. At times it was painful to see him struggle as he did to be that perfect person. And to be intelligent in his own way. Going to Princeton University and to make sure he was in that ivy league school. It was funny to hear him have a poem for each turn of his life. Although good to see him interested in reading and writing.
I was getting a little curious of how his relationship to Monsignor  Darcy was going to take. Than I found out how much of an influence Darcy had on Amory. A good compass for Amory to follow. Amory did have his values and did use them with his friends as well as girlfriends. Even to the point of taking a bad rap for his friend Alec who misused the Mann Act and brought a woman with.
He was unlucky in love. To think he was compatible to one, to find out her values were spoken for of status. I feel for him. For this is the struggle that is painful to see.

After he took a fall in his reputation with the incident with his friend Alec, funny how all a sudden he has this revelation that Amory was going to turn his life around. He looked deep into his life and saw what he accomplished and what he missed on what should he of done. I found that his true love was Rosalind. And how it would never come about.

Amory did have his chance to let everything out that was what he believed. Two men gave him a ride. As it turned out one of the men was a friend's father. He even mentioned about it was the first time that Amory  was able to argue Socialism. It is the only remedy to the difficulties. I am restless Amory says. My whole generation is restless. This was Amory Blaine's side of paradise.

I read a little on how This Side of Paradise came to be. It is writings of part of who F Scott Fitzgerald was. Seems to me he had so many great ideas to write, when I did read I had to stop and comprehend what he was trying to convey. A lot of information. There are some issues that he did address that today is still a struggle for many in our country.
People do say even the most wackiest things that are written on TV,movies whatever are not far from what is true today. Who knows, Fitzgerald might of had that foresight.
As for The Great Gatsby being like This Side of Paradise I feel it was more refined writing after his raw piece that he wrote of this book.

I give This Side of Paradise  4
 only because the writings came quick and together and needed to be waded through

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Belfast Girls

After reading this story I was led to believe that it was about the political side of Ireland. But soon enough I could see three different stories but intertwined with something that is about the cultural side of Ireland.
The story started out fine enough. I learnt how Sheila and Phil became friends even with differences of being Catholic and Protestant. How their friend Mary became friends also. They all started out to become someone by going to university and each one finding their own.
Interesting that Phil became involved with a drug dealer and how she stuck by him. But what surprises me that being an Irish Catholic she becomes pregnant. But I guess being in the year 2003 times have changed. Poor Davy he will never see his child. Phil is insightful enough though to have her child grow up right with support from her family. Which it should be. And that is how the character is seen.
Mary getting involved with taking drugs shows you how all countries are the same. I'm glad that character was written that she beats this and finds comfort in the Church of Ireland. It shows that time has evolved. Religion is all for the same thing. Peace of mind.
Sheila was the one at first I didn't understand. I know she had a thing for John, Mary's brother but when he started acting weird from the beginning I get aggravated when the girl is naive about stuff. When obviously times have changed and issues are out in the open. The stories of her in modeling and giving the story to the police on the drug house was interesting. Also about her father's family.
The story drug on quite a bit and once Phil, and Mary's issues were taken care of with happy endings I am adding, Sheila's character ending was all too quick. John had a thought to get Sheila back. Went to where she was modeling and bam asked her to marry him. Than off they went happily ever after.
I liked the stories about the characters, very entertaining. But when it came to wrapping up the ending of a book it left the reader,me, with a thud. Like here is what happened the end. Not to well thought out.
That is why I gave it 4 

Taken from my Goodreads review
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Fires of Merlin

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This is book three. I want to say that I really enjoyed it but I didn't. I like to read of Merlin's magical adventure in Fincayra. The story lost the middle somehow. Than at the end it picked up and got interesting again.
All this time that Merlin was grooming to be this spectular wizard time and time he seemed to be uncertain. I get it he is just a boy. But it gets me that he's naive most of the time. Merlin loses his powers all the time and doesn't realize they are within him. With the help of his friends new and old seizes to be the great wizard that he is born to be.
Besides Valdearg, (the wings of fire) would of turned out to be not so bad a dragon if he didn't die. There are some new characters Hallia and Earmon, who are brother and sister ( deer people) help Merlin along the way. Earmon although was a short lived character. And now the baby dragon who lost her daddy (Valdearg) from a bite from a kreelix.
Intresting passage at the beginning. Splendor of fire,swiftness of wind, I arise today, through the strength of heaven: Light of sun, radiance of moon, splendor of fire, speed of lightening, swiftness of wind, depth of sea, stability of earth, firmness of rock.
This is a passage from a seventh century hymn by St Patrick called The Cry of the Deer
A fondness of deer Patrick has, for when he was going to be killed. Druids saw a doe and fawn following. Saved his life. I guess in a way Patrick was trying to give back by getting rid of the dragons. What a shame for not many know that dragons are a magical bunch.
I'm rooting for Merlin. I know he'll get it someday. On to read the fourth book.
I give The Fires of Merlin 3 just because there was a big chunk in the middle that was disconnected.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Three Gifts

A warm Christmas story. Typical Hallmark movie. I like the story of the three boys finally noticing its less about them and more about other people's feelings and living. A very good lesson indeed. The part that I thought was a bit far fetched was when Emily collapsed and Sam was a match. How convenient was that. How Justin's father, Fred meets someone that he knew and falls in love again. It amazes me that towards the end of stories, movies how everything comes to center where things gets solved and endings are happy. All at one time. I never pictured the characters like the cover. I pictured Emily younger and the boys between younger and older. A story all wrapped up with everything more that you would want to read for Christmastime.
I give The Three Gifts 4  hummingbirds

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