Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Haunted Ground

I picked up this book awhile ago and just got to reading it.
Well I am a little disappointed. It wasn't what I expected. I'm a person that likes to get the history behind what a story is trying to allude to.

In this case it was about the bogs and bog people from Ireland. Being that my father was an historian and did research of over 800 years of Irish history, I heard a lot about the bog people.

It's fascinating when reading this story about what their beliefs, ideals, and their intentions were when these historians dug up the bogs what was present in the sodden old logs. It gave them info about what tools they used, the system of labor it took to accomplish. And like one of the professor's said in the story it is concrete clues as to what whole society of the bog people, the way of life was like.

I liked how the two main characters Cormac and Nora worked together. She understood how important it was to excavate by hand to find microfossils, insects remains, seeds, plant matter. Anything helps especially when Nora was trying to find out who this person was that they found buried in a bog.
Nora explained to Cormac that she worked in a lab and learn t that
it is very mysterious the way unsaturated fatty acids are replaced by saturated fatty acids with two carbon atoms less. The body's organic compounds aren't broken down in the usual way, but chemically transformed.
All this is taken in account. Who is this person, what happened to them? A modern CSI back in time.

Haunted Ground was very slow reading in about half the book. But found it to pick up toward the end. That's when strange things started to happen for Cormac and Nora. They started to put things together. They found out who and why innocent people were missing. The story took on a life. Sadly I had to wait.

I myself did not know what was happening. There was a twist. The ending of story was good. After answers were found out the body in the bog started to change. The cell walls had begun to break down at a fast rate. Opening to spread of invading mold and bacteria that would gradually transform the body. As it did to all living and dead things.

This is the interesting part of who and what these bog people were. Not scary, but what about the bog, the ground itself? Hmm...

I give Haunted Ground 3 

This is a bookcrossing book and is going on it's way to WI very soon.
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