Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Tale of Two Sisters

Thought this was one book. Surprisingly there were three stories that intertwined themselves. I found them interesting and understood how these connected

We all have those feelings that our parents think better of our siblings. But we never get the whole story. It just may be that parents do feel proud of us. As what happened to Elizabeth and Rosamund they went through a lot. One was a bit farther than the other. One found love. In the end they are all the same. And all can count on each other.

As for the story of the Mirror Image I don't know what I would do to find out all these years I had a half sister. Two sisters, two women completely different. Again will they find out how much they are the same?

At last, Fourth Time Lucky. To be a mother and have 3 boys and husband always a rough side to deal with. And wishing to have a daughter, a daughter to share with her likes herself. But this mother feels she is unlucky for she had another boy. Never giving Rory a chance. Rory has speech problems. He copes with it and his mother can not be any prouder of him to accomplish a hard character in a hard play. So this time even though Rory was a son he shared his mother's passion. "A daughter might not have done."

I give A Tale of Two Sisters---- 4

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

love walked in

I was interested in reading a debut story from the eye of a poet. I liked the storyline. But found it dragging in some parts. Just to get a portion of the story to move on was irritating. The flow of some of the adjectives I feel were unnecessary. So I had to skip some parts. Not necessarily did I think was going to be for Cornelia and Martin happened. But I guess if you look at the big picture finding true love in all the right actions with Clare did walk in. I thought how Clare and Cornelia went about it it wouldn't really happen in real life.

Some say the use of movie quotes are a bit over the top and don't understand why. Yes I have to agree. But I do think the author is trying to parallel how movies somewhat always have a happy ending to how she wanted Cornelia,Clare,Teo, etc to end up. Cornelia's father referenced it at the end. A bit overboard. But the story was good.

I do have the next book of Marisa De Los Santos hopefully that one I won't have to skip pages and it will move a bit faster.
I did like how it was set in my own city Philly :)

I give love walked in 4 

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