Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Red Hat Club

I picked this book to read because my daughter was telling me about 2 older women that was staying in the hotel that she works at. The women were these women that like the arts, history, etc... and couldn't believe that my daughter wasn't enthusiastic as they. As she was telling me the story I thought of this book to read.

I really wasn't too impressed with it. It was more like The First Wives Club. That was fine but when the characters thought that all of  them should think about their relationships with husbands and try "new" things, I thought that it a tad bit much of the fooling around.

I liked how the friends met and their stories behind them, I believe that was the core of the story.
At the end they believe that they are strong and will always have each other. Everyone should have friends as close as the women with the Red Hats.

I give The Red Hat Club 4 

Amazon says What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? The Red Hat Club Rides Again, Wedding Belles, The Red Hat Society: Fun and Friendship After Fifty

This is a bookcrossing book. Enjoy whoever gets book!

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