Monday, April 22, 2013

Belfast Girls

After reading this story I was led to believe that it was about the political side of Ireland. But soon enough I could see three different stories but intertwined with something that is about the cultural side of Ireland.
The story started out fine enough. I learnt how Sheila and Phil became friends even with differences of being Catholic and Protestant. How their friend Mary became friends also. They all started out to become someone by going to university and each one finding their own.
Interesting that Phil became involved with a drug dealer and how she stuck by him. But what surprises me that being an Irish Catholic she becomes pregnant. But I guess being in the year 2003 times have changed. Poor Davy he will never see his child. Phil is insightful enough though to have her child grow up right with support from her family. Which it should be. And that is how the character is seen.
Mary getting involved with taking drugs shows you how all countries are the same. I'm glad that character was written that she beats this and finds comfort in the Church of Ireland. It shows that time has evolved. Religion is all for the same thing. Peace of mind.
Sheila was the one at first I didn't understand. I know she had a thing for John, Mary's brother but when he started acting weird from the beginning I get aggravated when the girl is naive about stuff. When obviously times have changed and issues are out in the open. The stories of her in modeling and giving the story to the police on the drug house was interesting. Also about her father's family.
The story drug on quite a bit and once Phil, and Mary's issues were taken care of with happy endings I am adding, Sheila's character ending was all too quick. John had a thought to get Sheila back. Went to where she was modeling and bam asked her to marry him. Than off they went happily ever after.
I liked the stories about the characters, very entertaining. But when it came to wrapping up the ending of a book it left the reader,me, with a thud. Like here is what happened the end. Not to well thought out.
That is why I gave it 4 

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