Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rainbow's End

I'm not much of a science fiction reader,so when I was browsing in the bargain books section at B&N, I was surprised to see this book. While I was reading the back of the book I read of the main character, Robert Gu and how he was cured of Alzheimer's he was a success story. The story hits close to home for me. My father died of Alzheimer's. How marvelous it would be if my dad lived in a world that the future was so hi tech that he could be a success story himself.

I researched farther that this story wasn't one of Vinge's #1 novels that was enjoyed.
The story was confusing with some kind of symbolism, a rabbit, does all this stuff to make Robert do what he wants. Basically I got out of it the intrigue, that the horror of having books digitalized and destroying libraries will be better for mankind. Sort of like clean up the clutter.
There was some kind of battle with robots. The story that I liked is about Robert getting used to his new self and the fight for keeping libraries. My thoughts on having things all computerized is that I like privacy. I don't think I would want people to be able to come in my thoughts.

Nice touch to keep the seniors active and not see them just wither away like at times they do now

I give Rainbow's End 3 
just because it was confusing and I did skip a couple of chapters.

Amazon says
people frequently Bought Together Spin by Robert Charles Wilson, A Deepness in the Sky (Zones of Thought) by Vernor Vinge

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