Monday, May 22, 2017

Brownie Points

Wasn't sure how this story was going to play out. I was pleasantly surprised. Moving is hard enough as it is. But moving to Utopia, the name alone gives the reader a sense of how this community is. All buttoned up and tidy as can be. I felt for Lisa. It's so different from San Francisco. As any family does, Lisa's husband Jason, and kids, Maya and Logan make this move for Jason so he gets a chance to move up in his job.
As the story goes on everyone fits in,"makes it work", except Logan who has a hard time.

Logan likes different things than the average boy. And he is good at what he does. I'm happy that his family does accept who he is. Everyone deserves to be happy.
Just from luck, Logan stumbles on the Girl Scouts from his sister Maya. He finds that he likes it, and all accepts him. Do I think by supporting Logan to join Girl Scouts was wise? No and yes. I don't think Logan should be a GS but I think his family should support him and find something along the same lines

Being my son was a Boy Scout, I can't say I would approve to let him join Girl Scouts. The risks are rules. I think the community would feel 50/50 about it. Especially in this day and age. The age of 14, as Logan was, there is Venturing Scouts that allows girls and boys together. Granted Logan is not looking for high adventure but that is the rules.

I don't think Lisa was rushing things for her to "shove Logan out of the closet" I think what she was trying to do was make it easier for her family, especially Jason, to see why Logan was acting the way he was. And it makes it easier for people to help. Yes she was a protective mamma. And that was written a bit too long for my taste.

There is always a person like Val Monroe who just wants to live, and everyone else to live the way they do. If no one confronts them than they will always get their way. Point, that we find out there is no community committee. But Lisa was first to stand up to Val and not cave in to the demands of violation after violation. We see that there is a character that counteracts the Vals that are in a community.Which at 1st you can see why Lisa is hesitate about her. And her name is Michelle. How nice it was to have a friend that believed in Lisa's family. That believed there was nothing wrong about being "different".

Utopia, a Lifetime movie town? Sounds like it. New neighbors move in, The Taylor Family. Looks like good people, Father, husband, Jason new Fire Captain of the town, Mother, wife, Lisa protective mamma, and artist. Kids, Maya and Logan. What could be different, what could rock the boat? Bi-racial family, Gay son, and a daughter who embraces her heritage a bit too dramatically. Does it look  better on the other side? We soon find that Utopia has skeletons in their closet too.
It always looks good on the other side.The Taylor's find some high power lawyer and famous artist to fight a cause and become good friends with. Plus "tada" Lisa sells her art and becomes well known.

Only In Utopia!

 I'm looking forward in reading more of Jennifer Coburn's books. As long as they stay light hearted

 I give Brownie Points- 5 

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