Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hard Eight

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Very surprised that Hard Eight was a funny story. Lately Janet Evanovich I feel in my option was making Stephanie more grown up than what her antics were. Which I thought were a bit boring.
Anyways Hard Eight is refreshing. I like how Stephanie kept referring to Ranger's place as the batcave. And always the tension of Ranger, Morelli, and Stephane. Stephanie as hard as she wants to be has a big heart and wants to help people. Even though it does gather in trouble sometime. But than again that wouldn't be our Stephanie. Grandma never disappointed at being crazy grandma.
Another that I noticed is Evanovich tends to recap on certain things. Which is good to refresh memories, especially for people who don't read the books in succession. But it is a bit annoying when trying to read without going through history.

I give Hard Eight 5

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