Friday, January 29, 2010

Club Dead

Just finished another Sookie Stackhouse book. It was a pretty good one. I like that finally Sookie gets away from Bill. And just being with Alcide knowing that he is warmer than Bill makes it for an interesting love affair

What's up with Sookie and Eric? Hmm...

It wasn't my favorite of the stories but certainly a refreshing view of the little Miss Sookie

I give Club Dead 4 

just because it gave me a happy feeling to see Sookie interact with others than Bill

Amazon says Frequently Bought Together the other books of the series

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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Wenesday Sisters

I liked the book. I liked the idea that these women were friends but like sisters. Makes me wish that I had what they do. To have someone to share your life with (besides your husband) It was interesting to read how these girls got together and did what they did in the time of year when it was Beatlemania, John F. Kennedy was running for president, Martin Luther King was released from jail with Bobby Kennedy's help. With other things happening.And women were seen but not heard.

I am part of a reading group. And much like The Wednesday Sisters support and critique if asked anything we do in reading and writing.
I dabble in writing. Not very serious about it but it gives me a way to get out what and how I think in story form. I don't think you need a book deal to make it worth while. I believe as time goes by if we just don't give up on writing it is good for our soul and we do get better at it.
It makes me feel better and feel good about myself to even write. Times when reading back the writing you can find yourself. Understand your life for when writing is when something is happening and feeling at the time in your life.

What I think keeps these sisters friendships going, even in the messy of times is how they relate to each other. Everyone had a similar problem. They were on the same level and they thought what if it was me?
Another part is the book touches women empowerment. That gave the sisters something to stand up for,feel for. A man's world but women just as capable to do anything. Women have a voice just the same.

I give The Wednesday Sisters 4

I felt it a bit slow.
Amazon says Frequently Bought Together The Help by Kathryn Stockett , The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society (Random House Reader's Circle) by Mary Ann Shaffer

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