Saturday, March 14, 2015

Love, Rosie

I like this story. Pretty simple,quirky, and fun. I never read a story that was mainly emails and letters. Oh yeah IM's too when you don't think others can read your messages because you forgot it's not private on a school computer. Was surprised that it worked out as smooth as it did.
Not very often does a relationship bud from being friends for so long. Amusing to see Rosie and Alex as friends when they were young. I especially like how they had each other's back through falling down drunk on a filthy pub floor, calling their teacher Ms. Big Nose Smelly Breath Casey, marriages,births, and deaths. Isn't ironic that Rosie found a friend just like her in Ruby?
I'm glad to see it was written that Katie and her father had a decent relationship later on. You read too many times the later happens. Also glad to see Katie have a better relationship with her mom. Life is to short indeed.
As James Joyce says "Mistakes are the portals of discovery"
Of course there are hardships but it's good to see that Rosie did work towards her ideal job. On a side note being that I am Ireland bound. I would definitely stay at Rosie's B&B.
As children we never see our parents as aging. As Rosie found out with her own mother it's hard to comprehend. And to feel so overwhelmed when you are the caretaker you just want a break.
Can relate with Rosie feeling like other people are coming and going but she stands still. A bit lonesome indeed.
It took fifty years, Rosie did find her Mr. Right in Alex at the best of her life.

Too bad I didn't get to see the movie,but the book was excellent

I give Love, Rosie 5----> 

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