Friday, November 23, 2018

Hallowe'en Party

This book was disappointing to me. I read Agatha Christie books before. But this was the least favorite so far.

It started out very slow. I just didn't get how important in the story that what Joyce kept repeating to everyone. Who actually listened to kids back than? Also Miranda, how she spoke to people. I like a good theme book and mystery. But this story was just a party. Nothing else was about Halloween.

The banter between Poirot and Mrs. Oliver was interesting. Speaking to each other with common things. Doing a favor for a friend, I haven't read so far about Poirot.

Some of Christie's books snag you from the start. Others are a bit lacking I have found out.

I look forward to reading more Agatha Christie. But for now I have to give Hallowe'en Party 4