Monday, February 04, 2008

Black - Headed Pins

This is the first book that I read from these authors. It is tagged to be of an old fashioned mystery. At the end of the book it actually had THE END written. Haven't seen that from a story for a long time.
As I was reading I thought of the game Clue. Someone was murdered and where are the clues and how do they fit?
I really did enjoy this cozy. I felt like I was back in time. It just wasn't straight mystery. There was laughter too. Some of things that were said especially by Mrs Ballinger were funny. She is a penny pincher and heaven help the person she finds taking more than they should. LOL!

The character that I really liked the most was Leigh. Poor girl, what she had to put up with from Mrs. Ballinger. And than to deal with some creepy stuff that was happening in the old house. I never seen the ending coming. I really didn't know who did it. The characters were placed just right that you (I) might of thought everyone did it. No one was safe. The big question at the end was what were those Black-Headed Pins for? Hmm.. scary

Again like an old fashioned mystery the plot was told in detail how the murder went down. To top it off the person who actually planned it told the story. It was like when Monk (tv show) does his thing. Here's what happened..

I give Black-Headed Pins 4 
I am looking forward to reading more of Constance & Gwenyth Little's books

A Little Information on these Authors You can find a list of books, and to buy on Rue Morgue Press @

This book is on it's way to MA and is a book crossing book

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