Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Blue Mercy

When reading what this book was about. I was very excited to read it. But when I started to read it, it was very different from what I imagined. Very disappointing.

The whole idea that "Star" Maria had this attitude on her was very tiresome. I was ready to say enough. A brat, b****. Until you read about her mother Mercy. A shame that history repeats itself. But there is no call for Maria, the daughter to repeat abuse everything. Growing pains, sure if you want to believe that.

To the very end Star still can't rein in her feelings for her mother. Not even after she got everything she wanted.

Mercy sacrificed herself for her daughter's happiness. But the 1 questioned is not even answered who did kill Da?

I give Blue Mercy 3 
Good writing but could do with less drama. Would of loved to actually not see what was coming.

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