Saturday, September 09, 2006

Down Bound Train

Author: Bill Garnett

The character that I liked:Robert Latimer

Why do I like this character? I like this character because he was a man that just wanted a good life for himself and his family. But had problems that included his wife, and daughter, Felicity. No one is perfect.

The character that was the scariest: Felicity Latimer

Why was this character the scariest? because she was just a little girl that took what was happening as a game. She would provoke everyone to do bad things.It really wasn't of her will either. Was she possessed? hmm...

Favorite part of the book: I actually have two. First one is of Bill Armstrong. He took a walk outside the compartment of the train only to pass other compartments that were empty. He knew that the train was full when heading out of the station. A not so good feeling fell upon him.
Second, is Bill opened it's doors to his compartment "like a man who wakes to a sunny morning after a nightmare". What does he see? His other train mates looking out the window and seeing just above the fog, swung a corpse on a gibbet.

What does this story tell me? It tells me even the people that think they live a good life and really do think they are right morally, will get in the long run the tables turned on them.
Each character in this story acted badly in someway. They happened to be on this same train. A train that was going to a better place indeed, went in a total opposite direction. Is their actions on this train Hell?

I give this book a rating of:  5

Barnes and Noble says: This is an Out of Print book

Is this a BookCrossing book?
Yes it is :D and I am keeping this as a Permanant Collection. For now

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That's one nightmare-inducing cover!

TITurtle1 said...

Looks like a good book. Great job! :-)