Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Secret of the Old Clock

This book is the 1st in a series about a young girl named Nancy Drew.
I used to read these books when I was a kid. My dad and I would go to the bookstore, or to Woolworth (a 5&10 store) to get a ice cream soda and look at the books. Each time I would get a Nancy Drew book. I would try to get them in order too. Sadly my mom threw out my books and I can't pass them down to my kids. But this year my son Matthew got me the 1st six books in the series for Christmas. What a wonderful surprise!
I finished The Secret of the Old Clock and this is what I thought of it.
Nancy Drew never let me down. It was nice to see that Nancy still had ingenuity when she was solving a mystery. Who would of thought that a young girl of 18 would find herself being a sleuth. It is a little strange that a 18 yr old would act so maturely. And that she in this case, would be so kind and happy for people that she helped. I think that's what attracted me to these stories. Plus they are mysteries too. LOL!
Who was the center of this mystery? Josiah Crowley, He was the man that befriended some nice people who really cared about him. And wanted to leave his estate to them. To the dismay of his family and friends, his estate was left to family members that weren't too kind. Was there another will?
What was so special about The Old Clock? The clock held a 2nd will that was a later version of Josiah Crowley's orginal will and testament. Actually the clock held a notebook where the will was at.
The outcome? The outcome was a good one as usual. After finding the 2nd will, Carson Drew, Nancy's lawyer father helped out the bank who was Josiah's executor. Getting all family and friends together to read out the will, and making some nice people happy. They all than could make ends meet. And making some of Josiah's family namely The Topham's not so happy. Nancy found out that they took Josiah in when he was alive just to get what was in his will. And hide that there possibly might be a 2nd will. They also held possession of the old clock too. Mysteries solved!
What I never thought about Nancy Drew books when I was young is the chapter content. Each chapter has a name to it.
Also at the end of the story Nancy takes something with her from the case. This story she received the clock. And there is a little peek of what the next book is called. Hmm now I know why I kept going back to read about her. I'm ? years older now and enjoyed reading Nancy Drew again
I give this book 5 

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This is not a bookcrossing book of any kind. It will stay with me as my Permanent Collection.

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Woolworth! Man, I remember them well.

Hold on... can't finish what I'd been intending to say about Nancy Drew. Must go reminisce.