Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hide and Seek

This is the first time that I read anything of this author, James Patterson. I had a couple of his books, the #1, 2 but didn't seem to interesting to me.

I picked this book I seen there was a character named Maggie and she was a singer. I also have a sister named Maggi and she is also a singer. Although I would never wish on her what happened to Maggie in Hide and Seek.

With her 1st husband I know that women in real life go through what she did. I know from experience what some military people would do. I loved how the story revolved around her singing that she and her daughter had something to really feel and always count on.

Although Maggie had it hard but she seemed to walk into the same situation she tried to get out of. What a wiredo that Will (2nd husband) was. Sadly she had to prove her innocence with that one.

And of course through all of this, right before her 2nd husband she finds love. Just in time to lose him. What luck she has. The one thing that she had of that relationship, she had a 2nd child. We are all blessed with children that make us happy.

I like how the chapters were short that made me want to read more. I believe it would start getting boring with just a 1, 2, etc books and I'm glad to have read this one. I have more James Patterson books and will get to read them.

I give Hide and Seek 4

A Bookcrossing book and I will probably wild release it. Maybe this time someone will make a catch.
Amazon says Customers bought mostly all of James Paterson's other books.

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