Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Hidden Staircase

I decided that I would read another Nancy Drew book after Matt and I saw the movie Nancy Drew.
The book was similar to movie, but of course the book is always better. LOL!
Well Nancy did it again and solved a mystery this time mostly on her own with her friend Helen. This time though it was a bit of a risk since her father was kidnapped. But Nancy's cool head she plowed on through.
She met two nice older ladies and eventually found that Hidden Staircase where the supposedly ghost was scaring these ladies. And yes she finds her father too.

At the end though there was nothing of a keepsake to take. The thing she took with her was to know that her father was save and The Turnbull ladies got what was twisting them around was straightened out.

I give The Hidden Staircase 5 

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