Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The ABC's of Love

The ABC's of Love
Author: Sarah Salway
Not my usual kind of book to read. But I thought it wasn't too bad, cute. It reminded me of that show Sex and the City where Carrie and her girlfriends cope with their lives and each other's.
It is so hard to have a relationship these days. And keep the relationship going without getting bored.
One thing that hit me quickly in this book is when Verity talking about her relationship with John and he mentioned about Verity's mustache. He said she shouldn't shave it that it was sexy.
How embarrasing. Didn't he know what we girls go through with our ritual of beauty ? We don't want to be reminded about our short coming no matter what the other person thinks. Sheesh! LOL!
Here are some of my other thought that were brought up in the story.
Why is it that we just wish our grandparents wouldn't make a big deal out of nothing?
Vertity's relationship with her grandmother took her on a "mystery trip" even though Vertity didn't have such a great time, her grandmother for years talked about how she loved it.
I wish grandparents would be intune with how we feel.
Why is it that we are glad to see our SO's when we want to,?And when they pay attention to us when they want to, like when we are watching our favorite tv show and that's all we care about at the time, we rather they do something else?
Oh how I can relate to Vertity wanting to be locked up in a stationary store. I too like the clean crisp smell of stationary. With all the little gadgets you have to keep you organized.
I guess in England they are just getting around to taking the phone booths out. Since technology has caught up with the idea of cellphones. It seems eons ago when that's all we had was to go to a public phone.
I like it. When Brian (Vertity's co worker) said when she painted her flat yellow she had herself her own sunlit island.
I never heard anything put that way. I like it.
I believe like Vertity that most things are better as memories, like photographs. I sit myself and look at the old photos and think back if that moment was the most joyful one. Than the soon to be unremembered present moment.
I would recommend this book, especially to people that are in relationships. They really could relate to a lot what is said.
I give this book 4
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