Monday, March 19, 2007

The Perfect Family

The Perfect Family
Author: Carla Cassidy
When I started reading this book I didn't know it was the kind that it was going to be hard to put down. I was looking forward to what was coming up next.
What was my favorite character? I can't say that I did have a favorite character because they were all so good. I guess if I would have to pick one I will have to say, Alex.
Why Alex? Alex had this second chance on love with Marissa. And he walked into something that was going on in Marissa's life that wasn't so easy. Poor guy went through some changes in his own life because of her and her children.
My thoughts on the story: Well I can tell you that I would be scared out of my mine if I had someone stalking me. And on top of that killing people as presents to me. Yuck! And just like Marissa my No.1 concern would be my children. I would do anything to protect them. What makes it real strange is the people that Marissa felt secure with, the ones that save lives are the ones that she needed to watch out for.
To think her husband a firefighter. A person that dedicated his life to helping others that someone caused him harm and his family.
Scary to think that this could happen in real life if you let your imagination run.
Was there anything I didn't like in this story? There was one thing I didn't like. At the end, in the epilogue when Marissa finally got her life settled down. She stopped going to the firehouse. Not because of the past but because of her future. She didn't need them anymore. I just wish it wasn't written up like that. By not going at all anymore it just sounds like there is more important things in her life and she has no time for anyone else. I just saw it that she was bringing joy to the men that protect. But I do understand why it was written like that.
I do recommend this book to read. Not only is it a thriller it does have romance too. Which everyone loves a good ending.
I give this book: 5 
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Yes this is a bookcrossing book. And will be on it's way to Tennessee so it can be enjoyed just as well :)

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