Monday, January 10, 2011

Decked With Folly

Another great Christmas book. Never read any of Kate Kingsbury's books. So this was a treat to read of this mystery of Pennyfoot Hotel

The main character Cecily who is the owner of this hotel seems to have a problem every year, a Christmas curse. She is hoping that this Christmas there will be no problems. But to her dismay there is a problem. And this is where the mystery begins. Whodunit? Who killed Ian? Was it the housemaids, Gertie,Mabel, or the footman, or a guest/s? Who knows.
Somehow Cecily gets the constable to leave the suspects in her care till after the holiday. Just so, before constable gets back the case is solved. Hooray for Cecily! for everyone knew she was an amateur sleuth.

I would read another book by this author. I considered this like a cozy mystery.
I may release this through bookcrossing. May even bring this to convention. I hope others will enjoy as I did.

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I give Decked With Folly 3 

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