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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights- blowing strongly: describes a wind that blows strongly and makes a loud roaring sound, 2. having blustery winds: subject to persistent blustery or noisy winds

The definition to this title, to this story, pretty much fits. a not so typical romance novel. It has everything rough and cold attitudes, lies, a love that you might say is ghostly.

Who are we to say how people should live? As you read on how these characters acted you would swear they were doomed. To say a warped sense of love.
I read some reviews of this novel and I agree with some parts that were made. One could say that the housekeeper Ellen Dean was the one who was a victim and was abused. It shows when she tells the story to Mr. Lockwood of all who were at Wuthering Heights and ThrushCross Grange. But when I read farther I thought maybe she isn't the controller but she was the cause of the chaos. She also was supervisor of the children.

Wuthering Heights was a bit hard to follow especially the cast. You had The Earnshaws and The Lintons. With them were their children. The one person who had connection with all was a man who grew up with the Earnshaws, was Heathcliff. After the elders passed away and as Heathcliff got older, the love of Catherine and he were strong. But Catherine of her devilish ways messed with him and as time went by he caused pain, with Nelly the housekeeper, his wife Isabella, plus his true love Catherine. He treated his own son Linton like a Cinderella. Linton lives in complete dependence and lives in his house as a servant deprived.Cathrine's daughter Cathy was like her mother too. Hareton, He is one of the few that Heathcliff likes or respects born a Earnshaw though. He was the only one that took Heathcliff's death to heart.

At the end Heathcliff got what he wanted Catherine. Their souls still walk the grounds, according to the Country folks. The two of them got what they wanted. As Heathcliff said to Catherine "I killed you?, haunt me than. The murdered do haunt their murders ghost".

A few things that I noticed and questioned.There were some innuendos made that Heathcliff was dark, that he might of been black. I believe Isabella said something of that he was black. But he is portrayed as white in movies.

Mr. Lockwood who was a tenant at Thrushcross Grange was telling story in Nelly's words but shorter. Was this his way of saying that he is writing a book about ThrushCross and The Heights?

So much is going on in this book that does have you looking for what is going to happen next. What Emily Bronte (Ellis Bell) did in one novel that she ever wrote her sisters were trying to do in the many novels that they wrote.

I give Withering Heights 4
  I liked this book. I'm glad I got a chance to read another classic. Not too many books that give you love,hate,torture,death, and ghosts all in one. This story I was reading on my nook (nookbook) I wish that others get to enjoy this classic as much as I did. I gave 4 stars just because for me it was a bit hard to follow.

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