Thursday, January 19, 2023

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

I read Poirot's Christmas. It was good, but when I spotted this book and read the beginning. How AC put her ingredients of her favorite Christmas mysteries together like a recipe  I knew I had to read it. 

I was not disappointed. Her book started out with the story of The Christmas Pudding. 
A ruby was missing from someone acting for the Commonwealth. It was not just a jewel but a historical possession. Who do they call but Hercule Poirot. With much convincing Poirot agreed to solve this case. Edwina Morecombe had a old fashioned Christmas for Poirot to see. Plus central heating and bath water being perfection for Poirot to do the job.
How did Poirot get a hold of ruby? It was in the pudding of course. Not for long it took someone to steal it. Along with Poirot getting the facts and suspicion  of others.The children decided to put on a play for Poirot to make him feel welcome. They didn't know but Hercule had his own surprise for the kids.

Also very helpful was the cooks. He was so grateful that he told one that when he returns to London he will send her a present. Poirot is never that generous. 
I think he was so taken back that he did enjoy himself. Otherwise he would be alone.

Of course there was no doubt that Hercule Poirot got his culprit.
He enjoyed it very much. He said to himself that he had had a very good Christmas. And to think he did not want to go

Next Up is The Mystery of the Spanish Chest
A story of challenge and jealously. Hercule Poirot yet is looking into another mystery. Asked by a friend of his. This story shows a bit of Poirot not shall we say all pinned up. He looks at Miss Lemon in a different way.
Of course he solves the case of a man found in a Spanish Chest who thought he could see his wife doing who knows what. Not so festive at the party for him. Only does Poirot find that another has put him up to it. Jealously!
This room needs cleansing. The lingering memory of hate.

The Underdog
Poirot gets a visit from a Miss Margrave that her employer has sent her to find the best detective, and we all know that Hercule thinks/and knows he is the best, to look into the murder of Sir Atwell. Lady Atwell goes though what she knows. Leads Poirot to stay at the Mon Repos. Which will bring all that were there on edge. And eventually people will crack.
I'm having bit of trouble with this story. It's one of those stories that I'll be reading again. I watched the episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot and believe it was altered from the story AC wrote. For that I think the series was about some chemical coding being altered and stolen. A reread definitely.

Four and Twenty Blackbirds
This story was interesting. Poirot's friend Charles  asks Poirot for dinner. Established that one of the patrons is a regular. And something was weird about him for a few weeks. He came in on specific days. Except at a time where it was a different day. Not only that this man had the same food. Not this time. Hercule Poirot took upon himself to solve this case. Oh yeah the man was found dead. One thing lead to another and Poirot found out what happened. A switch a-roo and money. There is something I noticed. That his sidekick Hastings was not around. One time the way it was written I thought something might of happened to Hastings. This was Hercule's valet George's time in the limelight.

The Dream
Interesting a man having the same dream and actually the dream coming true. Poirot gets summoned by this man. And can not go in detail with Poirot. Which makes Poirot a little confused and more determined. Of course Poirot gets to the bottom of it. For love, and money. Who knows, maybe both.

Greenshaw Folly
This story is a Miss Marple story. In my option is the darker of them all. Leave them asking for more. Of course the tv episode is different. I have to admit I was a bit distracted with this story. Another reread for me. What I did comprehend it was a will that was drawn up and people wonder if they are in it

What my take on these super stories is Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple seem to annoy the police and/or the people with their thoughts and know how. Which to me just makes them the best at what they do. All thanks to Agatha Christie for bringing them alive on these pages.

The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding gets a 5_____> 
And a reread for me


Thursday, December 22, 2022

The Christmas Pearl

It’s not everyday a book comes along and it hits the nail on the head. This is what I’ve been feeling recently.
As I get older I think to myself, “What’s going to happen to me?” Nothing is the same. Things are changing. Christmas is materialized and the spirit is not there anymore. And your family, the grandkids, children have their own agenda. What’s a mom, grandmother, wife to do?

This is exactly what Theodora thought. She lost her husband. Her parents passed, along with her brother. And the person who took care of her, Pearl. Her children grown had kids of their own. And no one had that Christmas spirit. No one believed anymore

Theodora’s house started talking to her. Telling her she needs to do something to be able to live her rest of her life in peace.
As Christmas is magical who walks in is Pearl. She takes over her old job. Of course Pearl needs to earn her wings. So she sets to get Theodora and her family on the right path.

Bumps along the road. A lot of walking down memory lane. Theodora stands together with her daughter Barbara. Barbara finds her voice, gets her kids in line. And sets her husband straight.

After all that Pearl needs to go. Theodora asks to come with her. Which is understandable. I would miss my husband too. I know I miss my parents and brother all the time. Christmas time is especially hard. Pearl says she needs her family. And her family needs her.

The story gives a nod to some of the Christmas movies we see. And that is one way it is a nice story.

I give The Christmas Pearl 5————>

I always liked Dorothea Benton Frank’s books


Thursday, December 08, 2022

The Christie Affair

There was so much chatter around this book that I decided to read it. It was said in a time of Agatha Christie's life she went missing for I believe it was 11 days. No one really knows what happened to her or where she went. That is the story.

The author Nina de Gramont, built a story around Agatha Christie's disappearance. Although an intriguing thought it just dragged on. It wasn't for me til I got around the 85% of the book it started to take off and have some juice to it.
We know that Agatha didn't stay with 1 husband. So it makes sense to build that thought of an affair. Not only for her husband but for Agatha too.

I found myself getting a little confused on which character was speaking. I feel the author kept going back and forth.
There was a murder in this story. And there was very little mention of it to solve. And I thought the story should be around Agatha. Where half the book talked about Nan who was the mistress. We finally find out that the murder had something to do with Nan.

It was nice to read about Christie in another light. That she not only had passion for her Piorot, she had a passion that she could be better and deserved more. Then what she got.

I give The Christie Affair 4 
I would of like to give a 3 but the story was based on truth loosely.


Thursday, November 17, 2022

Drop Shot


What can I say. I think I found the books that I like from author Harlan Coben.
I don't know what it is about the character Myron. But I like him. Maybe because he doesn't hang around to impress people. He does care.

This story focused on tennis. Who was good at it. Who was going to be good at it. And who is going to make the advertisers the most money. And of course there is murder.

Myron gets involved because of a girl name Valerie. Why is he so interested? Because he feels obligated to find the truth. With his friend Win lets him know to be careful. And Win always has his back. If a famous coach can abuse one young girl, who's to say he doesn't do it again. With Myron looking into this murder he stubbles into something that went wrong I think 6 years ago. Why would 2 people break into a tennis club? To steal? To steal what? Or is it just to play tennis?
What happened to that scene? Another murder and how it was covered up. Myron sifts through all info. With Win by his side to help keep yes Myron's love save. Jessica and Myron are still going. It is wild for Myron to find who the killer/s are.

We get to know more about Myron. Even Win and Myron's office manager Esperanza.With Myron's witty come backs with his friends I do believe it makes the story a feel good mystery

I'll be looking toward #3. 
I give Drop Shot 5________>

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Still Life


This was a first for me from Louise Penny. I enjoyed this first book in her series.

Here you find a community of Three Pines. Friends who just want to live out a normal life. Artist that are eccentric and maybe recluse. But get along. So we think.
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache gets called to look into a murder, a crime. Was interesting to see how Gamache conducted the investigation. How he got along with people. The characters of the story were much interesting. I was looking forward in reading who they where, what they did, how they acted when coming in front of what happened to Jane? Armand Gamache takes us step by step on why this would happen. Everything, every one is not perfect. Naturally it's a hunting town. So everyone thinks that is how Jane is killed. But Gamache doesn't agree so easily. With his colleagues Jean Guy Beauvoir, and one other they uncover and turn around to find out the truth of what happened. Except for someone that Inspector Gamache takes a chance on, Agent Nichol. But we find out quickly she does try to help. But in a way that offends pretty much everyone including Gamache, who sends her home. I hope she doesn't come back. Person after person seems to me that Armand has some sort of connection with. And that what makes him unique. And that is the town that you want to be apart of.
Jane knew. Some might of thought her painting was a bit juvenile. But when you look at it, it told a story. A story of a town. A Fair Day in a town. Art is in the eyes of the beholder. And there can be many of them.

Eventually Inspector Armand Gamache and Beauvoir get their killer. You can't help but feel bad when you find out. At least Three Pines.

Still Life. Life is suppose to change. If you don't change with it your life might be still.

I really did like this book. Great cozy mystery. Wanted to come back each time for those folks in Three Pines.

I give Still Life 4 

Only because in order to get on with the story it was so many pages to get through a chapter. I'll be looking for more from the series.