Monday, August 30, 2021

The Witness for the Prosecution

Even though a short story Agatha Christie does know how to pack a punch. And give readers something to think about.


In The Witness for the Prosecution Mr Mayherne thought this case seemed dark, and the guilt of the prisoner, Leonard Vole was clad tight. But Mr. Mayherne had doubts has he was talking to Vole.

The story was that Vole killed an elderly lady, Miss. French. Because she was rich, lived alone, and eccentric. And had eight cats. Typical description you read.

So Mr Mayherne goes into lawyer mode to establish the things are wrong on what is said about Leonard Vole. The only reason he had anything to do with Miss. French is because of her money. He starts there. Who told you Miss. French was well off? My friend George Harvey of course. He probably won't remember it was some time ago.
Mr. Mayherne gets frustrated with Vole for not answering his questions seriously. I don't like the line you speak to me with. Mr Vole it is you that I look to guide me.
More gets out on he and Miss. French. Why was he there so long. Because Vole is a weak nature. One of those people who can't say No. She was worried about some investments and knew little of money matters. Vole's dealings with Miss French were perfectly fair and above board. He acted in her best interest. That will hardly do. Mr Vole its not up to the witness to find out who murdered victim. You need alibi.
Finally it comes out another excuse that Vole has an alibi, his wife Romaine. I was with her at the time of murder. As Vole spoke of Romaine that she is devoted to him. That she would do anything in the world for him. Mr Mayherne's heart sank.
Fact remains wife never met Miss French.
Mr Mayherne goes and questions wife but she would not make good witness since she admitted what she needed to say.
A letter gets written to Mr. Mayherne. If he wants to find out the truth he needs to go to the rental place to find out. He follows the lead. There is a letter....
How did you get this letter. Doesn't matter the old lady says. Just give me my money.

Trail begins wife is a witness. Fingers crossed. Wife tells her side. And as Mr. Mayherne looks at her he notices something.

The question remains did Romaine give enough testimony to make Leonard Vole not guilty? Or is he really guilty? hmm....

I give The Witness for the Prosecution  5-------->
Can't pass on Agatha Christie!


Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Boardwalk Summer

At first reading this story I was intrigued. It had some mystery to it. At least I thought. 
A story of 2 women parallel in their lives. And a connection that they never dreamed.

Violet Harcourt a woman just wanting to live her life in love and happiness. Just like every other girl did in the 40's. But back then women also got married so they had someone to take care of them. 
Charles Harcourt, Violet thought he was the one. They had their home that overlooked the ocean. Was the safe haven that Violet longed for. But her home became her prison. She loved her husband and he loved her. But her life turned frightful.
 Those days things people just didn't say anything about abuse or anything personal that goes on in their lives.
So Violet took matters into her own hands.Knowing she wouldn't see her friend Evie and parents anymore. The tide came in violently inviting Violet to come closer to the edge. Til we no longer see Violet again.

And Marisol Cruz of Mexican descent. Worked in a cafe and supported her daughter. She lived with her parents. And were close to her grandparents. Always a dream to work at the museum. Being able to work on the boardwalk for their centennial. 
She noticed pictures, papers that her grandfather was in and picture of a woman that he actually knew.

Investigating and meeting a handsome man named Jason.
She found herself fighting to save a gazebo that meant so much to her through her grandparents. Since it was the few places that the Mexicans had to enjoy.
With his help she was able to confront and show her strengths.

Mari finds that Jason is related to this mystery. Violet comes back and Travis Harcourt's father wants a relationship with his granddaughter Lily. And Mari finds out who and how her grandfather knew Violet

The story is a sweet summer read!

I give Boardwalk Summer 4--------> 

I just wish it wasn't so packaged up.
I would read another book from this author.


Thursday, July 29, 2021

A Cold Case in Amsterdam Central


I'm starting to like this series. This book I think was better than the first one. Too many characters and a lot going on. There was a lot going on with Lotte this time again. But I believe Lotte was trying to to be the kind of detective everyone wanted to see.

With this story Lottie comes back to work after being hurt. Not everyone thought she should of came back with all the antics (not so good for her) that she went through. She did have a nagging feeling the only reason she was still employed is that they needed her to testify.

Lottie, Thomas, and Ingrid get called about a suicide and where the body was in a part of Amsterdam was close to tram line and mainline station. With hard to find clues of what happened to Frank Stapel and where he worked that sometimes the dead were easier to deal with than the living. Especially with Lotte knowing that Thomas was one that didn't want her back. Ingrid was a character trying to be just like Lottie. Ingrid found that Lottie gave up on herself. But also tried to be kind and try to convince Lotte that she was helping as a kid by still look for Agnes even when the police stopped Also Frank's wife Tessa found bones   Which needs to be solved too.

As Lotte is finding her way back into the groove. Lotte lets Thomas and Ingrid do the questions. Thomas will not give Lotte a break thinks she is not hearing what is being said. They need a long talk.

Of course Lotte has a "boyfriend". But this guy was a childhood friend that she thought to help solve the murder of Mark Visser's sister. Lotte always felt that she failed to save her. What it means for Lotte and Mark? Who knows hope is hard to kill. Mark is also one of the people Frank was around.    

As these other detectives think the cases of the bones and Frank Stapel are not connected. But Lottie does. So Lottie in her way goes about trying to find that connection while keeping everyone in the loop,kind of.
As always at least in the first two books Lottie does find who the bones are and why Frank Stapel has fallen. Which was indeed an accident. Just ask his brother. And she also saves Tessa who she finds a connection with her. Also with the grieve that Ingrid has given Lottie of giving up in the end it was Lottie that saved Tesse while Ingrid froze.

Good for Lotte finding her a home for her cat Pippi. I think she will be a good fur baby mommy.

I give A Cold Murder in Amsterdam Central  5 

Friday, July 16, 2021


This was the 1st time I read anything from this author. And probably won't again. For now anyway. The story brings to mind for me is of The Great Gatsby. And reading farther along Alice in Wonderland.

The narrator a man without a name seems to been burnt out on the kind of art that he was painting. Plus his marriage not in any good shape. So he takes off and has himself a road trip and ends up @ his friend Masahiko's fathers house.

All along this man is trying to move on but in his own way. He seems to be tolerant, and reserves judgement. He happens to be hired to paint a portrait of his neighbor. This neighbor Menshiki is of a different sort. He is wealthy and a flawed man. He can be dishonest and at times very vulgar. He brings the protagonist into his schemes. Tells stories that you would think not true. But the protagonist goes along with things. As said before he is tolerant. Menshiki's strange optimism and power makes his dreams come  into his reality

Protagonist comes across this painting Killing Commendatore. Seems like this painting takes a life of it's own. Strange things happen. Surprising Menshiki is a help in his strange way. Whether the painting has signs for the protagonist to find how to deal with his own life or not, the story takes on a going down the rabbit hole vibe. He faces his late sister Komi as well as the characters in the painting. He sacrifices for a girl Mariye, (maybe related to Menshike) to find her way home.

I think Mariye reminds him of his sister Komi. And at the end she and the protagonist become friendly. Being she may be the only one who understands him.

The author at the end neatly packages all together. Menshiki in his way I think finds his own love with Shoko, Mairye's aunt. Which then eases up on Mariye. And has no interest in the protagonist anymore. The paintings that protagonist paints either are given-up or hidden with the painting Killing Commendatore. I guess you can say leave the evil alone. Then he can try and go down a good path for his life.

I give Killing Commendatore 4

 because they are very long chapters and going down a rabbit hole isn't something I look forward too. For this I don't think this author is for me. Although I'm happy I stuck with it

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Cam Derringer Series: Florida Keys Crime Thriller Series


Here is a review of 3 books to start with in a series. The Prequel I have read and reviewed
I'm starting with Knee Deep

So here we are, I guess I should say Cam is still wondering and looking for his wife. Cam takes on case after case and gets himself involved somehow with a hijacking boat ring to smuggle drugs then selling boats on black market after they are done.

There is not much depth to these characters. But they are natural, funny, and laid back. Which makes them all the more enjoyable.
There could be at times too many characters. But still my favorites are Cam and Diane.

This time Cam mixes it up with FBI, and the sheriff. But who is on Cam's side? Could it be Jenny, the FBI agent or the sheriff, who is the bad guy?

I was surprised for a smart man Cam was oblivious to the fact the the bad guys were right under his nose.

Of course Cam solved the boat theft ring. And found out what happened to his wife.
Surprising Cam himself, he falls in love with the FBI agent Robin, aka Jenny.

Cam has an opportunity to get be a lawyer again. So he goes back to New York longing to be back to Key West. The only way to lay back.

Book 2: Bloodshot

This was an interesting title. We start out with Cam and Robin shooting and ducking from someone. I thought at first it was because maybe Cam decided to get involved in the FBI as a career.
Nope I was wrong. It was all about getting Cam shot at.

Cam works as a lawyer with his friend Chad.

I like the characters Chad, Alexis (Chad's wife), and Kailey (Alexis step mother/wannabe love interest for Cam). I think Kailey in this book is the best.

So Bloodshot we know is after Cam. But is that it? Is Bloodshot working with someone? Who is giving the orders?
Bloodshot, cool how the author writes the character to leave a calling card. And Eric, gets worked in the scenario.

For a lawyer Cam does a lot of non lawyer stuff and concentrates on Bloodshot instead of letting Robin handle it.

I like the twists with Kailey. Always showing up for Cam. Sure if Robin is there, she'll take her too. Why so interested in Cam when she devotes her time to Alexis father? Does she know anything about Bloodshot? What's going on? Alexis father gets shot and dies.

And Robin needs to move away for work. But Cam wants to go back to Key West. A long distance relationship? Don't know if that will work out. Cam fits in better @ Key West though, I believe.

Book 3: Key West: Two Birds One Stone

This book I believe was the better book out of the three. It wasn't the characters. Characters still had no depth and the stories to them were left slight. Somehow Diane always gets herself in a pickle. But somehow gets out of it. While Cam gets on his soapbox and wanting to do something. Thats my daughter! Etc.. Etc.. Etc.

I guess it was the twists to it. Cam is back in Key West! And has a relationship with Kailey. What happened to Robin?
There is another sheriff in town and his sidekicks.Why? Someone steals stones from an exhibit. Who is this Tracy? And why does she want Cam dead? She is dangerous.
Not only we have Cam, Kailey, and Diane here. Jack, Chad, and uh-oh Robin comes to help Cam out.
Somehow he gets blamed for the theft. ( getting the pun about Jack and Diane ;))

We find Tracy is related to Bloodshot. Should Kailey be worried? Of course story turns out great. Cam gets to fly again with a new plane. And what about Kailey? Kailey goes on alone.There is no more need to be afraid of Tracy

Um...leaves the story to go on I see 

For these three books I give the beginning of the series 5