Friday, September 08, 2023


I've been waiting awhile to read a David Bell book. Must of went on sale.

I enjoyed reading this book. I thought it was a bit long which put me back in reading as much as I read a book.

The story was well planned out in my option. I could tell there were English major flows and thoughts. The story informational. Seems like the author might be a plotter ;)

It starts out with Joshua in a airport with a layover. I was surprised at Joshua how he pursued Morgan. His train of thought with this woman was painful to read at times. I actually was saying no,no,no leave her alone.
I guess the heart wants what the heart wants. I give him credit he never gave in. The whole thing with the Caldwell brothers were a bit  strange and strained.

The story on Morgan strange but intriguing. Which led me to want to read more. Interesting about the character Kimberly Givens. She is typical cop but being a single mom with a daughter who is spicy. Makes it even harder to do her job.

Between Givens running around after Joshua, not knowing if he is a killer. Knowing he is tracking Morgan. And Morgan being intrigued by Joshua following her. Throw in Simon Caldwell following Morgan and Joshua. 

Makes for a hell of a story! Not to mention Morgan's foster mother, Whew!

I give Layover 4---->

Only because there were so many chapters to go through. Not particularly long ones but a feel for a never ending story


Friday, July 28, 2023

The book was ok. I think the authors were trying to put across an agenda. They needed to say something and they did, except it felt scripted. I was interested first that it was set in Philadelphia. Where I am from. I liked it was about two friends one black, one white. Jen seemed to not have a very good home life so she spent most of the time over at Riley's. And stem from that she got to know Riley's grandmother. I believe Gigi was trying to teach Jen something. Although as time goes by the friends drift. Jen marries Kevin who becomes a cop. And Riley a journalist. 
Two different worlds, spread far apart.
It's not until Riley is older that she realizes what her full self means. As Jen is in that Blue world.
I don't think Jen really had any idea what Riley went through or her family. Not until it was too late.

I'm not sure if the authors wanted to just concentrate on the friends aspect, or dive into what being one's self is.
I believe nothing really isn't going to change. This was just a hard look at what one author is feeling against the other side.

I'm glad I read it. I have some highlights that I thought interesting but it's a 3 for me


Sunday, June 25, 2023

Red Sky Over Hawaii


This is not my usual genre that I read. Although I do like to read Lit fiction. So when this book came by I had to grab it.

For me it was the characters, and the location (which I will be visiting soon) that made this book enjoyable. It centered around when Pearl Harbor got hit. And what was in front of everyone then.

Suspected sympathizers were dragged away in fear that they had some connection to the Japanese why Pearl Harbor is no more. Should the country have done that for war? Or violation of human rights? I think they did it for both. Our soldiers didn't know who to trust. Although some people weren't released until the end. 
It just wasn't Japanese. There were other nationalities as well. People that have lived for years.

How Lana gets along with her housemates is important to story. It's survival. 
Of course we can't forget the romance. Who would  thought thatLana finds the perfect guy and he's a soldier to boot.
She was a good sport on taking those children who were neighbors of her father's. Lana didn't have children of her own at that time. And it showed she can be a good mother to the two girls that were left when their mother and father was detained. Her Japanese friends too.

Sadly she was too late to see her father before he passed. And for that she regrets but finally knowing that he was proud of her. 
Memories Matter! Lana will always have good memories too of her dad.

I give Red Sky Over Hawaii 4
It was a good story. Not too much with history. Which you did learn something about Hawaii.
 I look forward to reading more from this author

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

Fatal Grace

Not sure where I should start with this #2 story in series.
I was pleased to see how the author (Louise Penny) has woven the characters in so the reader doesn't get confused with who is who. I myself could follow with ease and not have the characters be explained again. It was a nice smooth read. I didn't make too many notes/highlights. Surprisingly Gamache didn't come into story til later. It was good to visit the neighbors again of Three Pines. Makes you want to be part of the community.

Still don't like Agent Nichol. We find more about her. Did she know that her father was lying to her about Uncle Saul? Or is she setting up Gamache for some other reason? Like working with Brebouf of getting Gamache out?
Another character Lemieux seems like a good egg. At least Beauvoir is starting to think so. But is he working against Gamache?

Interesting take on CC de Postiers and her harsh way of living and looking at the world. It's a shame it comes down to what her mother did or said. On the flip side she does something to her own child. And her daughter, Crie takes matters into her own hands. Just to find out how The Three Graces protect that was done wrong.
Apparently there is this character Billy Williams. He is a minor character, but a major one just the same. Things he says are quoted by Gamache. And I read that he is woven into other stories.
The whole part of Gamache, Beauvoir, running into a burning house to get Agent Nichol was wild. Beauvoir losing it thinking he was trapped.
Was good to see that Gamache's wife, Reine-Marie is being more of an active character. Someone who Gamache can talk things out with.

Will be interesting to find out more about Gamache's old cases. Like he started to tell Reine-Marie about the Arnot case. He crossed that Blue line and told. One country is the same as others there is always a dirty cop somewhere.

As for how I feel about Fatal Grace another good novel. I give it 4 
I just felt it a bit long in the chapters


Sunday, April 16, 2023

A Murder is Announced

 I can see why this story is a favorite not only to others I believe toAgatha Christie herself. The story I think you can see happening today. Of course with some time changes.

I have noticed especially with A Murder is Announced that Miss Marple doesn’t come into the story til midway. This way the story builds to where Miss Marple needs to help.

What an ingenious thing to do to put an announcement in newspaper about a murder (like a play). 

Poor Miss Blacklock someone is trying to murder her? Or Murder the others that live around her? Is it/will it be the Colonel, Philippe, Edward, or his mother, Mitzi, or poor Dora?

Miss Blacklock had no money.Although was going to inherit someday. So to stage a murder took some doing. Somehow a murder did happen but not what we though.Something to throw us all off.

    There were some twists and turns that surely I didn’t know Marple.In his own defense it’s hard to admit n older person especially a woman has clues before him. She did have some ideas and eventually Craddock was on board with.

Oh wow we find that Miss Blacklock had a sister. Was that sister there with Blacklock, or was she gone somewhere? Is this the key to what events happened?

I think A Murder is Announced is one of my favorite Miss Marple books so far. I will be looking forward to reading more of Miss Marple!

I give A Murder is Announced 5