Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Murder at the Vicarage

What I am noticing about Agatha Christie is that she used her characters to create new stories for new books. And since I read that Miss Marple has a few adventures in her own books I thought I take a look. And I start with her first book The Murder at the Vicarage.

As usual there are many characters in this story and a couple of twists and turns. Someone may not be related to the murder. But have their own legs. The mystery at foot is who killed Colonel Protheroe, and why? I  expected that Miss Marple would be intertwined through the book like Poirot is in his. Little disappointed that she comes up rarely until the end.

Who does everyone go to to ask and tell what's going on? But the local Vicar, Leonard Clement. He and his wife Griselda have the same  kind of interest as everyone else. Maybe because Colonel Protheroe was murdered at his house.

The scenes go back and forth with time. Time is important. In a matter of seconds. Characters (without the side twists) are woven in together. 

Now we have Miss Marple that lays her thoughts about who the killer is. I found that through the story, especially the two policemen have issues with Miss Marple. I imagine they have issues with all women. Of course Miss Marple has an air about her that she knows everything. Not to mention Miss Marple is said to solving mysteries by reading detective novels.  Colonel Melchett and Inspector Slack I believe think that she shouldn't know more than they. Although she may wear on everyone's nerves, it doesn't take long for Len Clement to realize she may be on to something.

I try not figure out who dunit. But you can't help but think you know but then the obvious maybe wrong.

As usual all characters to Miss Marple are suspects. Anne Protheroe, Lettice Protheroe, Mr Hawes, Mrs Martha Price-Ridley, Dr Haydock, Lawrence Redding, Mrs Estelle Lestrange, Bill Archer, Dr Stone, and Gladys Cram, etc... But only several have a hand in killing Colonel Protheroe.

After mystery is solved we find that a few of the twists I didn't see especially with Lettice Protheroe and Len and Griselda Clement that are not so bad. It actually is a happier change.

I give The Murder at the Vicarage 4 

just because it wasn't what I hoped for. But for the 1st Miss Marple book, its good!