Friday, December 05, 2008

Brian Boru Emperor of the Irish

I've heard a lot about Brian Boru since I was younger. My dad used to talk about him. But he used to talk more on the wars that he won and how he fought them.

This book gives I say, a softer look about Brian Boru. What he was like with his children and what he really thought about uniting Ireland.
This book was a short read and gave me an insight of who this man was. And why the people of ago were one and called themselves "Irish"

I give this book 3 

Amazon says What do people ultimately buy after viewing this item? 62% buy Brian Boru emperor of the Irish, 13% buy Lion of Ireland, 11% buy Pride of Lions, 8% buy Red Branch

Don't know what the journey will be for this book.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Smoking Poppy

This was the first book that I read from Graham Joyce.
I thought it a little slow in the beginning but pick up. And I thought it a good book. At first I thought this book was something that I seen a movie on. As I read I knew it wasn't the same.

I was amazed at the character Dan who was such a hard head and cared for his own feelings. Until whoops he needs to go to Asia for his daughter. And the man, Mick who Dan didn't care for stood by him.

He saw how the people acted around the poppy fields. And his befriended Mick and son Phil how Dan saw their souls were genuine.
It was an adventure for him to bring his daughter back and find out the true Dan. Long trip but well worth it.

I would recommend this book. A BookCrossing book that will be on it's way to one of our bookcrossers.

I give this book 5 

Amazon says
What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? 57% buy Smoking Poppy, 18% buy The Tooth Fairy:The Novel, 13% buy Requiem, 11% buy Dark Sister

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Vanishing Acts

Vanishing Acts is my 1st Jodi Picoult book that I've read. I can say that it isn't my favorite. But a serious story to deal with anyway.

I don't like how the author splits the characters into sections. I just didn't feel that connected to the characters. It felt like the storyline was going in all directions at the same time.

Delia was the most memorable to me. The story being told I could see how she was connected to the things she did in life. Her choice in career with Search and Rescue, Delia wanting to help as much as she could to find people. I could see her putting her life together with just pieces of memories.

I didn't like the ending so much. Not even sure Eric was worth trying. And what was at the end with Andrew that was disturbing. Wow that was not such a good risk? Anyways I look forward to reading more of her books.

There is a way that Picoult writes that draws the people in even if it isn't the way you would section out the story.

I give Vanishing Acts 4 

Amazon says What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? 55% buy Vanishing Acts, 16% buy The Pact, 10% buy Harvesting the Heart, 10% buy Keeping Faith

This is a bookcrossing book and now has no place to visit.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Hidden Staircase

I decided that I would read another Nancy Drew book after Matt and I saw the movie Nancy Drew.
The book was similar to movie, but of course the book is always better. LOL!
Well Nancy did it again and solved a mystery this time mostly on her own with her friend Helen. This time though it was a bit of a risk since her father was kidnapped. But Nancy's cool head she plowed on through.
She met two nice older ladies and eventually found that Hidden Staircase where the supposedly ghost was scaring these ladies. And yes she finds her father too.

At the end though there was nothing of a keepsake to take. The thing she took with her was to know that her father was save and The Turnbull ladies got what was twisting them around was straightened out.

I give The Hidden Staircase 5 

Amazon says Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought
The Bungalow Mystery,The Mystery at Lilac Inn, The Secret of Shadow Ranch,The Secret of Red Gate Farm,and The Clue in the Diary

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

PS,I Love You

I really enjoyed this book. It has touched on something that I actually feel myself. My best friend is also my husband, Brian just like Holly had Gerry.
I liked the way the author set up Holly to be strong and to get on with her life. The letters just opened each month were very clever.And to always remember to write that the character has friends that she can count on. That seems to be important in literature.

I believe in PS, I Love You. Like Holly said @ Denise& Tom's wedding, "Finding someone you love and who loves you back is a wonderful feeling. But finding a true soulmate is an even better feeling. A soulmate who is someone that understands like no other, loves you like no other. Will be there for you forever, no matter what".

I found that person myself and feel very blessed. I give Ps, I Love You 5 

Almost gave it a 4 after reading how forceful Daniel @ the end of the story was. Unless you been through it no one knows how much time a person needs to grieve. But the story turned out better. Holly took day after day. And had many memories that she shared with her husband Gerry.

I'm keeping this book in my permanent collection. It will remind me of the many memories I have that I treasure of my own husband & children.

Amazon says What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? 8% buy PS,I Love You DVD, 3% buy If You Could See Me Now, 3% buy Rosie Dunne, and 84% buy this book

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Friday, June 13, 2008


It's been a really long time since I read the last book in the series.
I must say I'm somewhat disappointed in this one. Kay Scarpetta used to be a little bit more loose and happy.
I know things took a turn for the worse for her at work and such. But with knowing how that goes, you move on. She seemed to do that but she was still unhappy, even with her niece Lucy.

The author brought the bad guy character back. I'm sure to re-introduce us back to the series. But how it was presented I didn't think it made sense. Things made sense now to Kay. But at the end still there is a never ending story.

Geez I wish a new story with some new characters, keep the old ones though would be written.
I will read on with the other books that follow. Who knows something new might come of this.

This is a bookcrossing book. I will release it into the wild and hope someone else could enjoy it.
I give BlowFly 3 

Amazon says Customers who bought BlowFly bought the rest of Kay Scarpetta series. And also some of James Patterson, Sue Grafton, and Kathy Reichs books.

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Monday, April 14, 2008

High Five

What can I say about this book? Except it's another great Plum book. Stephanie is back to her own self again. Trying to make ends meet with her bounty hunting.

Looks like she took the relationship with Joe Morelli a bit farther than when we last heard of her. But not only Morelli, Ranger is giving her head ideas of being a potential boyfriend, a crazed mercenary . Funny things are still happening to her especially with Grandma Mazar around. God Bless her :D
Grandma just wants to be the best bounty hunter like her granddaughter is. And it might be unbelievable but I think they make a good team.
I like the idea that Stephanie still lives in her apartment building with older people. And she feels not a bit disgusted or annoyed with her senior apartment renters.

Stephanie still gets her bad guy, her Uncle Fred's killer, in the most strangest way.
High Five is not just about Stephanie catching the bad guy but actually seeing her more personal side. Two guys that want her. One Joe Morelli, that does love her I believe. And Ranger that gives her those skittery thrills. A path that is made to read on to see whatever does Stephanie, Grandma, and the two boys do.

Hot Six is the next on my list. I give Hige Five And Amazon says What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? 73% buy High Five, Plum's boxed set 2 (4,5,6), 8% buy Three to get Deadly, 6% buy Plum boxed set 3 (7,8,9)
This is a bookcrossing book. It is available now but not sure where it will go next

I give High Five 5 

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hide and Seek

This is the first time that I read anything of this author, James Patterson. I had a couple of his books, the #1, 2 but didn't seem to interesting to me.

I picked this book I seen there was a character named Maggie and she was a singer. I also have a sister named Maggi and she is also a singer. Although I would never wish on her what happened to Maggie in Hide and Seek.

With her 1st husband I know that women in real life go through what she did. I know from experience what some military people would do. I loved how the story revolved around her singing that she and her daughter had something to really feel and always count on.

Although Maggie had it hard but she seemed to walk into the same situation she tried to get out of. What a wiredo that Will (2nd husband) was. Sadly she had to prove her innocence with that one.

And of course through all of this, right before her 2nd husband she finds love. Just in time to lose him. What luck she has. The one thing that she had of that relationship, she had a 2nd child. We are all blessed with children that make us happy.

I like how the chapters were short that made me want to read more. I believe it would start getting boring with just a 1, 2, etc books and I'm glad to have read this one. I have more James Patterson books and will get to read them.

I give Hide and Seek 4

A Bookcrossing book and I will probably wild release it. Maybe this time someone will make a catch.
Amazon says Customers bought mostly all of James Paterson's other books.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Lovely Bones

Author: Alice SeBold

I thought this story was sad in a way to find out right off the bat on how Susie died.
It is a story that was told by Susie that she made it to heaven. And watched over her family on how they coped of her death and how they got their lives, or tried to get back to normal. I thought that Susie's mother's coping with the death was strange but I guess everyone grieves in their own way.

It is a story that was told beautifully. It made me start thinking of my own life and family. All the how's and why's. I would like to think that my dad is up in heaven looking down and making sure things are right.

The Salmon Family had a dog named Holiday. Holiday got old and went to his Rainbow Bridge and stayed with Susie. I'm happy to know that someone else believes in the Rainbow Bridge. I know my Sammy is there and some day I will see her :)

Heaven for Susie is not all happy and floating like angels. It gives a reality check when a person is taken from their world brutally that their heaven is of frustration and they search out why.

I related to most of the sites in the book. It is based in Philadelphia,PA where I am from. Even though it was written in the 70's some of the wording I had to laugh because I haven't heard that since I was young. ie. the word highball

The meaning of The Lovely Bones was explained in the book. How I think of why it is, that all of Susie's family came together. They found comfort in knowing that somehow Susie did touch each of their lives. Whether they believed she was right beside them or not. Sadly they couldn't have a closure of how we know. So knowing that they had each other would be the best feeling.

I give The Lovely Bones 5

This is a bookcrossing book and will be on it's way to: MO
Amazon says What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? 50% buy the item featured on this page ; 30% buy The Lovely Bones: Deluxe Edition; 9% buy The Lovely Bones; 6% buy Almost Moon:The Novel

I really wanted to read more from this author. Looking at the stories that she wrote I see that she writes just on the experience that she had as a young adult. Thats fine, but when it is story after story of similarities
it gets boring. So I feel that The Lovely Bones is the best book she has done.

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Black - Headed Pins

This is the first book that I read from these authors. It is tagged to be of an old fashioned mystery. At the end of the book it actually had THE END written. Haven't seen that from a story for a long time.
As I was reading I thought of the game Clue. Someone was murdered and where are the clues and how do they fit?
I really did enjoy this cozy. I felt like I was back in time. It just wasn't straight mystery. There was laughter too. Some of things that were said especially by Mrs Ballinger were funny. She is a penny pincher and heaven help the person she finds taking more than they should. LOL!

The character that I really liked the most was Leigh. Poor girl, what she had to put up with from Mrs. Ballinger. And than to deal with some creepy stuff that was happening in the old house. I never seen the ending coming. I really didn't know who did it. The characters were placed just right that you (I) might of thought everyone did it. No one was safe. The big question at the end was what were those Black-Headed Pins for? Hmm.. scary

Again like an old fashioned mystery the plot was told in detail how the murder went down. To top it off the person who actually planned it told the story. It was like when Monk (tv show) does his thing. Here's what happened..

I give Black-Headed Pins 4 
I am looking forward to reading more of Constance & Gwenyth Little's books

A Little Information on these Authors You can find a list of books, and to buy on Rue Morgue Press @

This book is on it's way to MA and is a book crossing book

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Merry Little Christmas

Author: Shelley Freydont

I liked this book. It was a cozy mystery for the holidays.
At first I wasn't too sure. It read fast and you had to keep the names straight, since the story started up right away. But the story got real interesting. First time I read about a murder that happened around dancing. If you don't count what happened to Mary Katherine Gallagher's parents from the movie "Superstar" LOL!

Two of the girls Lindy and Rose make a good team. Even though things were not smooth all the time, they tried to get the job done and find their guy.
Funny to read about the dance competition being in Atlantic City, NJ. I was just there and they described that you lose time in the casinos because it's just there own little world. So a murder can happen easily without anyone ever knowing what happened. Just like what was happening around Lindy and Rose and the others. Also a little romance for Lindy ;)

I liked how everyone were friends and for the most part they all got along. The ending was good. I did figure out who the culprit was. Only to have suspicions of others.

I would read more of Shelley's books, pretty good.

This is a bookcrossing book and will be on it's way to Texas soon. I give A Merry Little Murder 5 

Amazon says: Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought High Seas Murder, Midsummer Murder, Halloween Murder, Back Stage Murder written by Shelley Freydont. Also was bought Twelve Sharp by Janet Ivanovich

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