Wednesday, September 13, 2006

looking glass

Author: A. J. Matthews

The character I liked: Well, I think I have two. Of course I like the main character Brenda Ireland. But the second I think was a good one was John Ireland

Why do I like these characters?:
Because Brenda was the one all of this strange stuff was happening too. And in her own way she was trying to be strong. Not for herself so much as for her family.
John Ireland was Brenda and her husband Matt's son. While all this crazy stuff was happening he was trying to understand what his parents and stepsister were going through. He was a younger boy but knew what was right from wrong. A good kid!

A favorite quote in the book: "What's she doing? Is there someone in the house? What the fuck is going on"?

Why do I like that quote? Just because it was said by Matt Ireland he really wasn't paying much attention to Brenda when she was trying to tell him there was something wrong. Than finally when strange things started to happen, this was all he can say. What a guy!

What do I like best about the book?: I like the twist toward the end of the book. And why do I like this? Is that the talk about reflection in the glass, mirror, it wasn't fear of that. But fear for what was going to happen in the story. From the start when Matt, a lawyer, put away a murderer, Matt's ex-wife, a person who was having trouble with drinking to reality, and Brenda's mother who died in a nursing home we can see why Brenda was acting the way she was. And to find out that she is stronger than we all think.

What does this story tell me?: It tells me that it was what was inside of Brenda that all of this strange stuff was happening to her. Not any one thing outside of her world. It was fear from herself and the future. Yes this book leaned toward Twilight Zone moments but it was Brenda that had overcome them and embraced them.
And if we can I think we should try it ourselves

I give this book a rating of: 5 

Amazon says:
Customers that read looking glass was intrested in The White Room by A. J. Matthews, Haunted (MIRA S.) by Heather Graham, Five Mile House: A Novel by Karen Novak, The Loveliest Dead by Ray Garton, Wildwood Road by Christopher Golden

Is looking glass a bookcrossing book?: Yes it is. And it will be heading it's way to Portugal next

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Down Bound Train

Author: Bill Garnett

The character that I liked:Robert Latimer

Why do I like this character? I like this character because he was a man that just wanted a good life for himself and his family. But had problems that included his wife, and daughter, Felicity. No one is perfect.

The character that was the scariest: Felicity Latimer

Why was this character the scariest? because she was just a little girl that took what was happening as a game. She would provoke everyone to do bad things.It really wasn't of her will either. Was she possessed? hmm...

Favorite part of the book: I actually have two. First one is of Bill Armstrong. He took a walk outside the compartment of the train only to pass other compartments that were empty. He knew that the train was full when heading out of the station. A not so good feeling fell upon him.
Second, is Bill opened it's doors to his compartment "like a man who wakes to a sunny morning after a nightmare". What does he see? His other train mates looking out the window and seeing just above the fog, swung a corpse on a gibbet.

What does this story tell me? It tells me even the people that think they live a good life and really do think they are right morally, will get in the long run the tables turned on them.
Each character in this story acted badly in someway. They happened to be on this same train. A train that was going to a better place indeed, went in a total opposite direction. Is their actions on this train Hell?

I give this book a rating of:  5

Barnes and Noble says: This is an Out of Print book

Is this a BookCrossing book?
Yes it is :D and I am keeping this as a Permanant Collection. For now

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Under Construction

Slowly but surely I'm getting my blog to look good :) I have more and will post later more goodies ;)