Saturday, June 02, 2018

The Lucky Ones

Well, finally finished the final book of the trilogy, Bright Young Things. I thought I was going to like it better than I did. This story started out it seemed about Astrid, the last girl character in this group. Didn't mind reading about her. Talk about depth in a character, it wasn't much there. 
And Letty what can I say about her? The author really played her shy and a bit stupid to the end. A few characters thrown in there, like Billie, Astrid's sister. A put together character that got along with everyone, strong and had the girl's backs.

And why is it that most stories are left to finalize everything at the end? Wow you couldn't miss that the main character throughout the trilogy was Cordilia. A tribute to the loss (gain) friendship of Cordilia. Through Billie's eyes was the story of the updates of the girls and their SO. Like a neat little package. And why would the author bring back Cordilia's ex husband? And how did he get Good Egg?
But anyway seems like there was loss of Cord and some good news for Letty and Astrid's lives.
They really were Bright Young Things coming almost from a different world. Turning into seasoned girls.

The threes stories were good. I really liked the first one the best. Someone said that they thought of The Great Gatsby when reading these stories. I can see that, The roaring "20's.

I myself thought there was going to be more grit to it. More jazz, more spreakeasies, more underground mystery. Even though not what I thought, I thought it was good story telling. Not sure if I'm just older for these books,but I don't think I'll be reading any future books of Anna Godbersen's. Guess it isn't for me.
I give The Lucky Ones 4