Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lauren Takes Leave

I thought the book was very funny. Some of the things Lauren was getting herself into was funny. I liked the idea that Lauren could have a story around being at jury duty just to get away from her everyday life. Although a bit disappointed that the jury duty idea was short lived, I thought that the story took a whole new life when she went to a party and was left loose. The idea that Lauren and her friend Kat were teachers. Oh how people will talk knowing that they are teachers. Her friends Kat and Jodi were her foundation without them this story wouldn't be so funny.
The pole dancing, the bathroom antics, and certainly their trip to Miami was a blast but when does it in real life people who are teachers ever do this? Exactly it is what they would dream of. Thank goodness for understandable husband and new found friends Tim, and Lenny. Lauren at the end decided on her own that her life wasn't so bad after all, decided for some changes to be made.
It's definitely a chick lit book. With a lot of things going on that people just dream of doing.
I give Lauren Takes Leave 4----->
Just because I felt the story got a bit outrageous toward the end there.