Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Cam Derringer Series: Florida Keys Crime Thriller Series


Here is a review of 3 books to start with in a series. The Prequel I have read and reviewed
I'm starting with Knee Deep

So here we are, I guess I should say Cam is still wondering and looking for his wife. Cam takes on case after case and gets himself involved somehow with a hijacking boat ring to smuggle drugs then selling boats on black market after they are done.

There is not much depth to these characters. But they are natural, funny, and laid back. Which makes them all the more enjoyable.
There could be at times too many characters. But still my favorites are Cam and Diane.

This time Cam mixes it up with FBI, and the sheriff. But who is on Cam's side? Could it be Jenny, the FBI agent or the sheriff, who is the bad guy?

I was surprised for a smart man Cam was oblivious to the fact the the bad guys were right under his nose.

Of course Cam solved the boat theft ring. And found out what happened to his wife.
Surprising Cam himself, he falls in love with the FBI agent Robin, aka Jenny.

Cam has an opportunity to get be a lawyer again. So he goes back to New York longing to be back to Key West. The only way to lay back.

Book 2: Bloodshot

This was an interesting title. We start out with Cam and Robin shooting and ducking from someone. I thought at first it was because maybe Cam decided to get involved in the FBI as a career.
Nope I was wrong. It was all about getting Cam shot at.

Cam works as a lawyer with his friend Chad.

I like the characters Chad, Alexis (Chad's wife), and Kailey (Alexis step mother/wannabe love interest for Cam). I think Kailey in this book is the best.

So Bloodshot we know is after Cam. But is that it? Is Bloodshot working with someone? Who is giving the orders?
Bloodshot, cool how the author writes the character to leave a calling card. And Eric, gets worked in the scenario.

For a lawyer Cam does a lot of non lawyer stuff and concentrates on Bloodshot instead of letting Robin handle it.

I like the twists with Kailey. Always showing up for Cam. Sure if Robin is there, she'll take her too. Why so interested in Cam when she devotes her time to Alexis father? Does she know anything about Bloodshot? What's going on? Alexis father gets shot and dies.

And Robin needs to move away for work. But Cam wants to go back to Key West. A long distance relationship? Don't know if that will work out. Cam fits in better @ Key West though, I believe.

Book 3: Key West: Two Birds One Stone

This book I believe was the better book out of the three. It wasn't the characters. Characters still had no depth and the stories to them were left slight. Somehow Diane always gets herself in a pickle. But somehow gets out of it. While Cam gets on his soapbox and wanting to do something. Thats my daughter! Etc.. Etc.. Etc.

I guess it was the twists to it. Cam is back in Key West! And has a relationship with Kailey. What happened to Robin?
There is another sheriff in town and his sidekicks.Why? Someone steals stones from an exhibit. Who is this Tracy? And why does she want Cam dead? She is dangerous.
Not only we have Cam, Kailey, and Diane here. Jack, Chad, and uh-oh Robin comes to help Cam out.
Somehow he gets blamed for the theft. ( getting the pun about Jack and Diane ;))

We find Tracy is related to Bloodshot. Should Kailey be worried? Of course story turns out great. Cam gets to fly again with a new plane. And what about Kailey? Kailey goes on alone.There is no more need to be afraid of Tracy

Um...leaves the story to go on I see 

For these three books I give the beginning of the series 5 

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Play Dirty

I'm not a romance reader. So I was not too sure on reading this book. I wanted to read something that was set in Dallas.
The beginning got off to a slow start. And as the story was told the mystery started to reveal itself. And who could read about Dallas without football?
Of course there was football talk. Football player, game, the dirty money.

I feel there was no depth in the characters. Laura and Foster, a weird combination. Not the best thing to do  to pimp your wife out for your own kicks. Just to get to the end and have a football player who is down on his luck, and just get out of prison to do away with just because Foster thought he can.

Griff tries to turn his life around. Making things right even when there is a shady detective, Stanley Rodarte wanting him dead. Including the person who tried to kill Griff at Foster and Laura Speakman's house.
Of course what would football be without lawyers, sports writers, gambling, a coach that took Griff in, and the loose life.

The mystery was threaded through story to the end. Which made it for me not so bad a Who dun it.

I give Play Dirty 4