Monday, January 30, 2017

The Santa Society

I was actually surprised with this book. When I see that it is a romance. ::::Sheesh:::: but it was a Christmas book and I like to pick up some holiday stories

What a different but all so familiar kind of direction the story took. I felt for Erin. She lost her mother around Christmas and so did I. How can you have those happy Christmas feelings? I caught on when Erin meets the dog named Klaus. And a handsome guy named Reason. Tis the reason! Here it begins a Christmas story comes to life.

Than it got to the society. They had their hand into everything. I thought this is like sciencetology how they know people who know people. But I look at the name of the town,Christmasville. There is talk of the gift, rules for these members. A nice twist from the generic way of hearing of the "Christmas" story. Erin,Reason,Callie,Dex,etc... All doing their thing keeping Christmas alive with normal lives

Toward the end when Erin was waiting for Reason the story reminded me of a Hallmark movie. I was rooting for Erin and Klaus and Reason of course. Without giving too much away I can say that I stopped reading another Christmas book to read The Santa Society. And I never wanted to go back to  read the other book.  

I think The Santa Society  was a cute story. Not at all a sappy love story. The characters were strong and written well. I give The Santa Society ------------- 5

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