Friday, June 13, 2008


It's been a really long time since I read the last book in the series.
I must say I'm somewhat disappointed in this one. Kay Scarpetta used to be a little bit more loose and happy.
I know things took a turn for the worse for her at work and such. But with knowing how that goes, you move on. She seemed to do that but she was still unhappy, even with her niece Lucy.

The author brought the bad guy character back. I'm sure to re-introduce us back to the series. But how it was presented I didn't think it made sense. Things made sense now to Kay. But at the end still there is a never ending story.

Geez I wish a new story with some new characters, keep the old ones though would be written.
I will read on with the other books that follow. Who knows something new might come of this.

This is a bookcrossing book. I will release it into the wild and hope someone else could enjoy it.
I give BlowFly 3 

Amazon says Customers who bought BlowFly bought the rest of Kay Scarpetta series. And also some of James Patterson, Sue Grafton, and Kathy Reichs books.

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