Thursday, February 22, 2018


I was looking for a laugh out loud book. I haven't read anything from this author before so I thought I would give it a shot. For the most part it was funny. But I gotta say it had it's moments that I would say to myself "Really"?
I get it, Jane is a single woman going to guy to guy wanting that Prince Charming. But the way she goes about it Wow! Same ole, same ole. And when someone is the right fit Jane still won't give him a try. It's written that she is mean to Greg. Toward the end Jane has this revelation and decides she is better than what she sees of herself. She can do better work at her job. But come on enough with the mom issues and the way she talks to her mom. She sure made me feel that Jane thought her mom was stupid. 
I'm an animal person too. She loved her goldfish, that came out loud and clear. Surprise that Jane liked her soon to be sister in law and children.

I paint such a bad picture of Jane. But at the end her friends when they came together for her when she lost her pet I could tell her character was changing. She was becoming softer and more confident and put together.She actually was taking an interest in her neighbor Greta. Found out she was no different than Greta. It was a good story. Funny, relatable but a bit disconnected at times. But worth the read I think.

Anyway I had such a hard time getting through the last two chapters. Not because it was hard. But because Oh my God the chapter before the last was such a looong chapter. Too much to say about one thing. Very boring. The author said it herself this is the first time writing a novel. And my last time reading her material. There were so many errors in grammar that it leads me to believe no one proofed this book. I guess that's why it's self published.

I give Happy(ish)   4 
Just because of the grammar errors and it being disconnected at times. 

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