Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The Lost Years of Merlin

I don't read much of teen, children books. I happened to come across this one. I am intrigued with Merlin. So mysterious.
I like how the story was told simply. By the end of the story you knew how Merlin came to get his name, you were rooting for him to do well. And even all the characters that he met had meaning.

There was a place in the story that had Merlin staying inside a tree. And the farther he went the more he smelt a smell of books. Books were everywhere, hundreds of volumes of books.
A book person that I am myself I thought it funny.

The Lost Years of Merlin was a smooth read. And I give The Lost Years of Merlin 5

I am looking forward to reading Bk 2 The Seven Songs of Merlin

Amazon says What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? 10% buy The Mirror of Merlin,9% buy The Wings of Merlin,
9% buy The Fires of Merlin

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