Sunday, November 19, 2017

I'm Still Here

I like how the author makes a point in her story with some light- heartedness but still packs a punch. She draws this book as a mental illness story. The sad fact is that not everyone looks and acts the same with mental illness. If we become aware and see signs we maybe able to help someone.

I hated the way Esther was treated because her sister was no longer around. Her family decided it was easier to run her out of their lives than deal with the fact of whatever happen it wasn't anyone's fault. A form of mental abuse. And let's not forget how vile her parents were because of what? Long time use of drugs on them :(  Didn't matter how many Ho Ho's that Esther ate. She hurt. 

It took a accident of falling and hitting Esther's head for some to pay attention. It wasn't just a normal life that the whole family was leading. She remembered the fowl stuff her family did, and didn't remember the good things that were happening. There she felt not worthy. Only than she could use what she called "Ez Pass Brain," thoughts come into her brain and speed through her mouth without slowing down. That way people knew what she thought.

No wonder Esther felt she was not worthy. And took such a long time to believe that Kingston loved her for who she was. In fact all her friends including co workers and boss loved her for who she is.
I was glad to know one of her family, Aster would want a relationship with her.

I'm glad things worked out well for her. I was rooting for her. I sped through this book. A bit slow at first, than hard to put down.

I give I'm Still Here 5 

I look forward to read another story of Kathryn Biel's. As long it's not a series.

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