Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Life's a Beach

I picked this book to read well, it was toward the end of summer and I haven't read any summer/beach books.
Nice little story. Nothing to be learnt. Just a fun read. I like all the characters. Of course my favs were the sisters, Ginger and Geri. Sounding so familiar of incidents that one feels it's all about the other.
A little bit of comedy intertwined in story, nice touch. Especially like the part where Ginger and nieces and nephew where waiting in line for an audition. And a man was walking up and down asking if anyone had SAG. Course Ginger took it that her chest was sagging. "Not yet"

All in all in this story no matter how they felt toward each other you could tell they loved each other. Now the parents in the story were getting a bit on my nerves. The father I get it wanted to pretend he didn't want to be around the chos that the sister's mother was going through. But truthfully. Enough is enough with the memory loss.

Even though there were no lessons to be learnt. I realize that No.1 do not live with your parents. Especially if you don't pay rent. Gives them a cause just to walk in and invade your privacy. Hence my own life wish my children,especially daughter would pay rent. It would help out a lot.
No.2 FROG means finished room over the garage. that's where Ginger was staying.

I give Life's a Beach 4 

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