Monday, April 14, 2008

High Five

What can I say about this book? Except it's another great Plum book. Stephanie is back to her own self again. Trying to make ends meet with her bounty hunting.

Looks like she took the relationship with Joe Morelli a bit farther than when we last heard of her. But not only Morelli, Ranger is giving her head ideas of being a potential boyfriend, a crazed mercenary . Funny things are still happening to her especially with Grandma Mazar around. God Bless her :D
Grandma just wants to be the best bounty hunter like her granddaughter is. And it might be unbelievable but I think they make a good team.
I like the idea that Stephanie still lives in her apartment building with older people. And she feels not a bit disgusted or annoyed with her senior apartment renters.

Stephanie still gets her bad guy, her Uncle Fred's killer, in the most strangest way.
High Five is not just about Stephanie catching the bad guy but actually seeing her more personal side. Two guys that want her. One Joe Morelli, that does love her I believe. And Ranger that gives her those skittery thrills. A path that is made to read on to see whatever does Stephanie, Grandma, and the two boys do.

Hot Six is the next on my list. I give Hige Five And Amazon says What Do Customers Ultimately Buy After Viewing This Item? 73% buy High Five, Plum's boxed set 2 (4,5,6), 8% buy Three to get Deadly, 6% buy Plum boxed set 3 (7,8,9)
This is a bookcrossing book. It is available now but not sure where it will go next

I give High Five 5 

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