Monday, September 23, 2013

The Rose Hotel

 The Rose Hotel 


I usually don't like non-fiction books but this one was an exception. Although it is 2 different cultures that we live, we are still the same. Reading that the Iranian boys are considered men at 15 years and settle down, not all feel they are ready. As the older son Abdollah found out. And for that this dutiful son acts out. Even his sister Rahiheh wanted to know why Abdollah didn't want to hear his favorite singer or go see her at the movies. Their father Baba, as they called him kept the family in line. He tries to be reasonable but customs are not to be thrown around lightly. And each child did try to adapt to the western culture once they were there.

This story was written for around the period of the Iranian Revolution. The family was asked to protect their Ayatollah in their hotel. And much like us other things were brought about that went wrong and was asked to help.
But sadly when Baba asked for help with his son Abdollah it was never given. Why? Because Baba stood up for the innocent.
For that it lead to so many downs including a life. It messed up the other children's lives also. Maman as they call their mother, went through a terrible time in her life, losing a son and have breast cancer. For years all struggled with their lives to the point when Rahimeh was old enough to try to do something. At one point there was a break through. Each child left his/her guard down long enough to feel better about themselves. Even Baba and Maman took a turn around realizing their blessings are right in front of them,their children,and grandchildren.

Each one went through their own kind of therapy. Some found their healing in religion, travel, and meditation. Life itself was everyone's teacher. Each one found their own way of telling their story.

I give The Rose Hotel 5 
because Rahimeh used her story as a tool to help others. Doesn't make a difference if it's our culture or someone else's. This story helps her family and people who have similar fears and joys. By telling one's own story opens up a whole new world.

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