Monday, April 08, 2019

Don't Let Go

This is my 1st Harlan Coben book. I read reviews and see that people do like his books. The opening "Daisy wore a clingy black dress with a neckline so deep it could tutor philosophy .", well you would think it's a story that has you going from the get go. I was a bit disappointed. As characters go, the word in depth is,  I expected Nap Dumas to be this cop that just plunged through his cases. I had to take in account that 1st his family moved to US and it was a small town he was policing. Plus he was 1 of a twin. Which makes it hard to go on because he never really made peace with the death. At times I thought I was reading about kids than adults with lives with careers at that moment. Like the story was all happening at once.
Don't let go: one job, the only job was to protect, and Augie let his daughter go, and so wondering if she was scared that night.

I enjoyed the story though. I really didn't pay much attention on trying to see who really was the culprit. Nap learnt a lot about people, his brother Leo, girlfriend Maura, friend/mentor Augie he embraced what he wanted to what was in front of him, and ignored what he wanted.
Love the reference of a library for Nap. "Books yellowing with age,  hushed sanctuary is revered, where we the people elevate books and education to the level of the religious."

Of course all came together at the end. Nap gets his man and girl. And the town of Westbridge is once again quiet.

I give Don't Let Go 
I look forward to reading more Harlan Coben books. Hoping that the characters get juicer.